What Are The Different Types of Modern Bedside Lamps

Modern bedside lamps come in all shapes and styles including table lamps, headboard reading lights and wall mounted reading lamps. Many hotels these days are choosing mounted headboard-reading lights for their customer’s convenience. Choosing mounted modern bedside lamps provides added convenience for hotel guests and increases their enjoyment of their stay making them more likely to return to your hotel the next time they visit your city.

There are various types of mounted headboard reading lights for hotel owners and managers to choose from including:

What is a Wall Mounted Goose Neck Lamp

Wall mounted goose neck lamps may come with a single light at the end of a long adjustable neck and you can place a lamp on each side of the bed. These lights also come with double lights and necks so that the light is mounted in the centre of the bed so individual sleeping on both sides of the bed can adjust the lamp in the most comfortable way for them.

Double-headed lamps normally have separate on and off switches so that should one person want to sleep and the other wants to sit up and read the reading light won’t disturb the sleeping person.

Adjustable Head Modern Bedside Lamps

There are also reading lights that are simply a wall-mounted base and a light with an adjustable head so that you can focus the beam of the light where you need it for easy reading. Wall mounted modern bedside lamps with adjustable heads are sleek and modern looking and easy to adjust when the guest wants to read.

What is a Recessed Reading Lights

Recessed wall mounted modern bedside lamps are another type of reading lamp that are becoming popular into a hotel. These recessed lights fit flush with the wall until you are ready to read or want to turn the light on for some other reasons. These type of lights often have an automatic on/off switch with the light turning on the moment you tilt the light out from its base and shuts off when you return the light to flush position.

These recessed lights also have an adjustable head that you can tilt in various directions in order place the beam of light in the right position for to the make reading comfortable for each different tenant.

Many hotels are choosing LED-reading lights due to there many advantages.

Advantages of LED Reading Lights

  • Energy efficient- LED modern bedside lamps are extremely energy efficient. These lights use only a fraction of the energy that other lighting options use making these lights a good economic choice for hotels looking to install a number of different lights.
  • LED reading lights are long lasting with many of these lights lasting 20,000, 50,000, 70,000 hours or more which means that LED lighting can last years before they need to be changed. Saving you a nice chunk of change on maintenance.

LED lighting needs to be a professional licensed electrician should do hardwired into your 240 electric main and wiring.

Elegante 3 Watt Recessed Modern Bedside Lamps

LWA220 modern bedside lamps

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LWA322 3 watt recessed modern bedside lamps

LWA315 3 Watt Beech Wood Modern Bedside Lamps

LWA315 modern bedside lamps


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