Great Ideas For an LED Reading Light for Bed

If you enjoy reading in bed, but often feel as though you don’t have adequate light to avoid eyestrain you may need to find a good LED reading light for bed. Reading lights are designed specifically to shed light on the pages of a book without causing a great deal of glare. Most Bedside reading lights are designed with either adjustable heads or necks in order to allow you to adjust the beam of light exactly where you need to be in order to comfortably read while sitting in bed.

Modern day LED reading lights for bed are often designed to be installed in the wall over the bed so that the light beam naturally shines over your shoulder. Then with the addition of the adjustable neck or head you can get the very best light possible for reading or looking at magazines.

Styles of LED Reading Light For Bed Applications

There are several different styles of LED reading lights. There is gooseneck reading lights as well as those with adjustable heads. There are also single lights that can be placed on either side of the bed as well as double lights. Double lights normally have long adjustable necks so that each person on the side of the bed can adjust their side of the light the way they need for the most comfortable reading.

In addition, although these lights may be connect to a single base they have separate on and off switches so one person can have the light on for reading and the other can shut off their light and go to sleep.

One of the most stylish LED-reading lamps for bed is recessed reading lights. These lights fit neatly into the wall until you are ready to use it and then the head of the light tips out and the light automatically turns on. It then automatically turns off the moment to push the light back in again.

Benefits of LED Bedroom Reading Lighting

There are several benefits of LED reading lights for bed. These benefits include:

  • LED Lighting is Energy Efficient- Since LED reading light for bed only uses a fraction of the electricity that more traditional lighting does it can result in big savings on your energy bill, especially for businesses like hotels that will need many of these lights for their guests rooms. Homeowners will also save money, but since they will only be using one or two of these bedside lights, the savings will be much less noticeable.
  • LED Lighting is long lasting- LED lighting is long-lasting with these lights lasting anywhere from 2000 to 7000 hours or more before these lights need to be changed. This means that these LED-reading lamps for bed can give you years of maintenance free lighting.
  • LED Lighting is Affordable- LED lighting is affordable costing only a few pounds more than traditional lighting.

LED reading light for bed applications do need to be hard wired into your 240 volt electric main so installation of these lights should be completed by a licensed electrician.

LWA428 3 Watt Flexible Arm LED Reading Light For Bed

LWA428 flexible led reading light for bed

LWA421 4 Watt LED Reading Light For Bed

LWA421 4 watt LED reading light for bed

LWA299 12 Watt Polished Chrome Reading Light For Bed

LWA299 polished chrome led reading light for bed


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