LED Headboard Lamp – How To Choose For Your Bedroom

LED headboard lamp – Over the bed lighting, like an LED headboard lamp, updates your bedroom’s comfort and style levels all at once. This is true both in domestic and hotel bedrooms. The latter can make an impression on your guests that will mark your suites as memorably comfortable and may earn their repeat businesses.

What is the purpose of an LED headboard lamp?

Bedroom reading lights such as LED headboard lamps let you enjoy comfortable relaxation before turning in. These lights allow you to comfortably read or relax in bed without having a harsh overhead light or bright desk lamp causing you to squint your tired eyes.

What are the over bed reading lamp types?

Bedroom reading lamps are as varied in style and type as any other type of lighting, giving you many options. Still, these lights can be broken down into two main categories: fixed and flexible.

Fixed over bed lamps don’t offer much room for movement and adjustments. They will still shine a light in a dedicated area instead of broadly across the room, but without the ability to direct the light exactly where you want it to go. Flexible lights, on the other hand, tend to have arms that you can twist and turn to shine the light at the perfect angle—right down onto your book if you like.

How To Choose the Best Bedroom Reading Lights

  • FIXED OR FLEXIBLE? Whether you want a light whose angle you can adjust or not depends on preference. A bendable light will allow you to direct a beam in a certain place, while a fixed light will shine illumination in a broader but still localized area.
  • Much like with any other kind of lighting, opting for well-made fixtures crafted from premium materials will ensure you aren’t constantly wasting time and money replacing them. By choosing durable metals like aluminium or steel, you can fortify the lights against damage and reduce replacements.
  • LED headboard lamp finishes are as diverse as any other kind of light. Most of the time, you’ll have metallic options such as chrome, silver or gold. You will also commonly see black. These colours are all neutral enough that you can easily install them in rooms of any colour scheme without clashing with it.
  • Because the light will be right overhead and close to you, choosing a gentle but efficient light is important. It is recommended that you opt for a 3000k warm white colour temperature, as it is gentle on tired eyes. Another bonus is the fact that this type of light colour blends in well with others, so the illumination from multiple lights in the room will look seamless.

An LED headboard lamp can completely change the comfort of your bedroom for the better. Above, we discussed a few common uses of over bed reading lighting as well as provided a quick buying guide. Keep these points in mind when selecting your new bedroom reading lights to get the best results possible.

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