LED Bedside Lights – How To Choose The Best For Your Room

LED Bedside lights – When you’re ready to settle into bed for a quick read before you sleep, having a bright overhead light or lamp might feel abrasive on the eyes in the otherwise dark room; however, you need a light to be able to read by but one that will not cause you to get overstimulated with excess light that will not allow to relax as you should at this time of day. LED reading lights come in a variety of styles, colours and functionality, giving you plenty of choices when it comes to the type of light you choose.

How to Choose the Best LED Bedside Lights

FLEXIBLE OR STATIONARY. LED reading lights are all designed differently. Some of them come with relatively fixed or stationary orientations, while others feature a flexible arm that can be twisted and bent. The benefit of the latter is the ability to shine the light directly on the spot on the bed that the user wants for a more concentrated beam from a stationary light that shines a general sort of glow in the space. Consider how much light you want in the room before choosing.

DOMESTIC OR COMMERCIAL. If you’re looking to install wall mounted LED reading lights in a hotel, it is recommended that you consider a light that has two flexible arms that you can position on the wall above the centre of the bed. In this way, both people in the bed can easily adjust the light to their preference. You could also just choose a single arm light to place on either side of the bed or a fixed one to do the same thing.

MATERIAL. Much like with any other light fixture, you want your LED reading lights to outlast the years. The best way to do this is to ensure that the materials that make up the light are durable enough to do so. This will usually mean looking for a strong exterior made of some sort of metal such as aluminium.

DESIGN. Depending on how modern the decor is in your space, you’ll want to choose the style of the light based on that. If you want something subtler and more minimalistic, you could choose wall mounted LED reading lights that are recessed in the wall. If you want something a little bolder that stands out, you can choose one with a flexible arm or a spotlight head.

FINISH. The appearance of a reading light is important regardless of whether you are installing it in a hotel or home environment. Options for finishes usually include chrome, black, golden hues or white, giving you versatile options to choose from to match the mood and decor of the  space.

Having the right LED bedside lights in your bedroom can make a huge difference when trying to create a relaxing nighttime reading experience. We offer a variety of LED bedside lights to choose from, making it a simple process to choose the best one for you whether you are installing them in a hotel or a domestic setting. Browse our options today.


LWA322 3 Watt Chrome LED Bedside Lights

LWA322-CR LED reading light

LWA317 3 Watt Wooden LED Bedside Reading Light

LWA317-BK LED reading light

LWA424 3 Watt Flexible Arm LED Bedside Lights

LWA424 3 watt flexible arm LED bedside lights


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