LED Bedroom Reading Lights Our Guide On How To Choose Them

LED bedroom reading lights – Making your hotel or domestic bedroom feel more comfortable and inviting leaves you to rely heavily on lighting. Having the right lighting can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to your bedroom; if you enjoy relaxing in bed and reading before you sleep, you already know this to be true. LED bedroom reading lights are much more pleasant on the eyes than bright overhead lights if you simply want to relax before bed and not get up again to turn it off.

A bedside reading light can help bring just the right amount of lighting to your bedside. It promises a premium light that delivers the perfect glow without relying on abrasive overhead ceiling lights. Beyond this, a wall mounted LED reading light will provide a beam of light that is concentrated in one spot on the bed instead of all across it. This makes it more comfortable for two people who are sharing a bed when one of them wants to sleep and the other is still awake.

If you choose a reading light with a flexible arm, you are in even greater control over where the light is concentrated. Flexible arms will allow you to twist and move them in the way you prefer instead of relying on a fixed beam. This is especially beneficial for hotel suites. With LED bedroom reading lights, especially a wall mounted LED reading light, each person in the bed can choose their own light source. This can help turn your suite into one that is more comfortable in an instant.

How To Choose LED Bedroom Reading Lights


  • As you decide on the kind of light you want, taking into account the style is an important step. If your space is more transitional or traditional, choosing a light that fits that mood is best. For modern bedrooms, a more contemporary light will fit in best. There is a huge variety of types of LED bedroom reading lights inside of those two broad categories to consider.
  • FLEXIBLE OR FIXED. Fixed reading lights will shine a beam onto one spot depending on the way it is installed. This is best for providing an overall glow with a more concentrated light source than an overhead light or lamp. With flexible reading lights, you can turn the arm of the light in the perfect direction and at the best angle to shine exactly where you need it.
  • Choosing a light that will last for many years to come will save you plenty of time and effort. It is best to pick a material that is sturdy and long lasting, such as metal. Among the metals, aluminium tends to be the most popular as it is remarkably durable and flexible in its uses.
  • The finish you decide on can either match the existing decor or stylishly contrast against it.

Choosing your next LED reading light is as simple as browsing our expansive selection here on our site. Shop for yours today.

LWA220 3 Watt Recessed LED Bedroom Reading Lights

LWA220 recessed LED bedroom reading lights


LWA298A 6 Watt Polished Chrome Bedside LED reading light

LWA298A Polished chrome led reading light

Rapino 3 Watt Round LED Bedroom Reading Lights

LWA260 LED bedroom reading lights

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