Hotel Headboard Lights – Why They Are a Must For Your Guests

Hotel headboard lights – When it comes to your hotel property, giving your guests the best experience possible is crucial. This doesn’t only mean offering them a comfortable bed to sleep in; it comes down to catering to every part of their experience. From the moment they walk into your lobby until they settle into bed, every bit matters.

Hotel headboard lights and LED reading lighting are ways to make this experience as pleasant as possible for your guests. Usually, whether they are travelling for business or pleasure, they look forward to getting into their beds and relaxing. To some, this means reading a book. To others, it simply means lying there with the television on. With proper hotel bedroom lighting, they can do so as comfortably as possible.

Hotel headboard lights make it easier for those sharing a room to relax in their own little spaces instead of bothering their partners with light. When one person is awake and the other is not, they can turn on the LED reading lighting or hotel headboard lights to see by, leaving the other in peace.

Where Can You Place Headboard Lighting?

  • EITHER SIDE OF THE BED. One of the options is to affix the headboard lights to each side of the bed on the wall. This will offer a dedicated light for each person to independently control. This makes it easier for one party to have a light on them and the other to enjoy the darkness.
  • CENTRE OF THE BED. You can choose a hotel headboard light with two different spotlight beams or flexible arms and place it in the centre of the bed. With this, each person in the bed can adjust the arm of the light into the most appropriate orientation.

How to Choose the Best Hotel Headboard Lights

  • Consider whether your hotel suites are more modern or laid-back spaces and choose the style of light from there. This includes backplates that are either round or square and lights that either have arms or do not.
  • MOVABLE OR FIXED. Some hotel headboard lights have arms that bend and twist to point a dedicated beam of light somewhere while others provide a fixed spotlight-style beam. The former tends to be better when placing lights in the centre of the bed so that each person using the bed can have their own light to turn off as needed.
  • You want to ensure that your lights are going to last for as long as possible to minimise expenses for repairs and replacements. It is best to choose a light that is crafted out of durable metal, such as aluminium.
  • This kind of light comes in a variety of finishes, making it easy to work into spaces of any kind. Depending on your style of space, you can choose chrome, black, silver, gold or wood finishes to offer a unique look.

Your hotel suites can benefit from the comfort and convenience of LED reading lighting. Shop our collection to find yours today.

LWA317 3 Watt black wall mounted wooden Headboard Light

LWA317-BK LED reading light

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LWA225 LED reading light

Elegante Square Recessed LED Headboard Light

LWA220 3 watt recessed LED hotel headboard lights

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