Which Headboard Reading Light Should You Buy

Headboard reading light – Imagine a scenario: it is late in night. You wish to finally sleep after the exhausting day you have endured through. However, the habit of reading before drifting off in the arms of slumber poses you trouble as usual. You wish to turn off the bedroom lights, so that as soon as you are done reading, you can snuggle in and fall asleep. However, if the lights are off in the first place, how would you read? The side table reading lamp just does not work. It does not focus light properly onto the book, and puts strain on your eyes. What to do in such a circumstance?

Why You Need a Good Quality Headboard Reading Light

Bedtime readers find themselves in this condition very usually. The struggle is real and relatable. However, since the advent of headboard reading light, this problem has been catered to greatly. But still, finding the right type of light for one’s bedroom is a difficult task to accomplish. People often want something that not only functions properly, but also complement their rooms. Ultra Beam Lighting promises solutions to all of the aforementioned issues with one of their best product categories. That is, Headboard reading light.

Headboard reading light offered by Ultra Beam Lighting is unmatchable in quality and style. The headboard reading light is usually attached in either the top-center of the bed, or at the sides. Moreover, the lamps may have one or two LEDs. It is believed that the twin light designs suit better when placed in the center of the bed. Most importantly, they are safe to use, as they do not produce significant heat amount. It must be understood that these should be installed with expertise of an expert electrician.

Following are a few of the long list of available LED reading lights:

Should You Use a Switched LED Wall Mounted Reading Light

This wall mounted LED is sealed inside the reading light. The energy required by the light is very low, since the LED is low powered, and gives a very warm, white light. The power consumption stands at a mere 3 W, and produces 3200 k warm white light in return.

An appreciable feature of this light is that it is angled at a 30. Because of this, the beam is entirely focused on the book, and hence no light leakage is experienced.

Twin Chrome Wall Mounted LED

Manufactured using polished chrome, this Flexible reading light is ideally used in the center of a bed. The lamp comes with a twin flexible arm design. This allows the LED to be adjusted according to the position and angle of the reader. It is just the best reading light out there!

Elegante Round Black Recessed LED

This 3000k warm, white LED colour light is available with a 3 year guarantee. This particular item has a built-in switch, which turns on when the head of the light is tilted out. The headboard reading light can be tilted and twisted for 360 adjustment.

Headboard reading light is a great way to focus on the reading. And not get diverted. We urge you to seriously contemplate investing one because it really is an investment.


Elegante 3 Watt Round Recessed Headboard Reading Light

LWA219 3 watt round recessed wall mounted bedroom LED reading light

LWA225 2 Watt Twin Headboard Reading Light

LWA225 2 watt silver wall mounted Twin LED reading light

LWA299 Twin 12 Watt Polished Chrome Headboard Reading Light

LWA299A 12 watt twin polished chrome headboard reading light

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