Headboard Mounted Reading Light – Get The Correct Lighting In The Bedroom

Headboard mounted reading light – When considering the best ways to make your hotel suite or bedroom more comfortable, one of the most important things to consider is the lighting. Proper lighting can make or break the appearance and functionality of the room. This is especially true when it comes to choosing the lighting that will be near or around the bed.

LED reading lights are an excellent way for you to add the right amount of lighting you need in this area. This type of light will give you a soft glow in a more concentrated area that will, in turn, lessen the chance of disturbing your partner. Headboard mounted reading lights are especially beneficial, as they shine light directly down where you want it to go. This is especially true of flexible arm reading lighting options.

With flexible headboard mounted reading light fixtures, you can twist and turn the light to shine a beam right where you want it, which is especially beneficial for reading in bed. When it comes to hotel applications, this type of light fixture helps to make suites more comfortable when more than one person is sharing the space. By having headboard mounted reading light fixtures, each person can choose the level of lighting they prefer.

There are many different types of LED reading lights, so it’s important to think about what you want to accomplish with the addition of a bedside light fixture.

How To Choose the Best LED Reading Lights


  • Consider the type of decor and overall style you have in your home or hotel when choosing a reading light. If your style is more modern, you’ll want light fixtures that suit that mood. Should you have a more traditional or transitional appearance, then it is best to choose lights to suit that instead. There are many different styles within those two categories for you to choose from.
  • Choosing a light made from durable, premium materials will help ensure you can enjoy the light for many years to come. Doing so often means choosing metal, and this is especially true for lights that are made of aluminium.
  • FLEXIBLE OR FIXED. You can choose between a light fixture with a long, flexible arm or a fixed design. Flexible arm reading light fixtures allow you to manipulate the light to shine right where you want it to. A fixed light will instead produce a general but still comparatively concentrated glow to read by.
  • Finally, decide what kind of finish you’d like. The options tend to be chrome, gold, white and black. You can either choose to get a light that fits with the existing colour scheme or instead opt for one that will provide some contrast.

There is no shortage of headboard mounted reading light styles for you to choose from, no matter what you are interested in. We make it easy to choose your new light here in our shop by bringing a variety of options to you all in one place.


LWA315 3 Watt Beech Wood and Black Headboard Mounted Reading Light

LWA315-BK LED reading light

Seville Twin 3 Watt Black Over bed LED reading light

LWA204 twin black wall mounted bedroom LED reading light

Elegante 3 Watt Recessed Headboard Mounted Reading Light

LWA219 recessed headboard mounted reading light


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