How to Use a Gooseneck Reading Light For Flexible Night Time Reading

A gooseneck reading light is so named because these lights have a long adjustable neck or arm that resembles the long neck of a neck.

Goose neck reading lights come in two basic forms a desk or beside lamp that is designed to sit on a desk or night table and the wall mounted gooseneck reading light that is mounted on the wall over the bed.

Why People Like Gooseneck Reading Light Fittings

People choose gooseneck lights for reading because the long neck is easy to bend in order to adjust the light making it easy to see and read the pages of your book. Because of the long neck on these lamps the neck can be bent at different angles as the need arises.

Which is Best Wall Mounted or Bedside Lighting?

Many people find themselves wondering rather wall mounted or bedside lighting is best for those people who enjoy reading in bed. While bedside gooseneck reading lights are better than bedside lamps that do not have an adjustable arm or neck, a wall mounted gooseneck reading light is still a better choice for a number of reasons.

First, Even the long neck on a bedside gooseneck lamp can not be adjusted enough so that the light shine over your shoulder onto the pages of the book, which experts agree is the best way to light your book’s pages to avoid eye strain. A wall mounted light on the other hand, can be mounted above the headboard of your bed and then the adjustable neck can be moved to fine tune the light so it does fall in the best position for reading.

Second, wall mounted gooseneck reading lights free up space on your bedside table so that you can place other items close at hand.

When looking for wall mounted lights for reading in bed you should consider purchasing an LED reading light. LED wall mounted reading lamps offer the same benefits as traditional reading lamps plus a few extra benefits as well. These additional benefits include:

  • Soft bright light- LED lights are brighter than more traditional lighting, which gives you brighter light to read by without creating a glare.
  • Long lasting light- LED reading lights give you 20,000 hours of light before they need changing, which is 20 times longer than more traditional lighting options.
  • LED gooseneck reading lights are low maintenance- since you don’t ever have to change a light bulb, LED lights are very low maintenance.

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting LTD we have a selection of LED wall mounted gooseneck reading lights for you to choose from. Our high quality modern lighting are long lasting, low maintenance, environmentally friendly and perfect for home or commercial use. When installing a wall mounted light make sure you hire a qualified electrician to do the installation for you.

If you are looking for a high quality LED reading light why not take a few minutes and browse our website. Should you have any questions please speak with our online representative or give us a call at 0800-678-5156 and we will be happy to be of assistance to you.

Asti 3 Watt Polished Chrome Gooseneck Reading Light

Asti 3 watt polished chrome gooseneck reading light

Antico 3 Watt Antique Finish Flexible Arm Reading Light

Antico 3 watt antique brass gooseneck reading light

LWA317 3 Watt Beech Wood Flexible LED Reading Light

LWA317 beech wood gooseneck LED reading Light

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