Flexible LED Reading Light Wall Mount

More and more residents and hotel managers are choosing flexible LED reading light wall mount making it possible to read comfortably in bed.

Unlike bedside reading lights that are often bulky and may or may not be adjustable flexible LED reading light wall mount fixtures are often quite slim, take up no space on the bedside stand and are normally adjustable to make it easier to adjust the light so that it falls on the pages of your book making it easier to read and ease eye strain.

Wall mounted LED reading lights come in a variety of styles including goose neck, short neck and recessed reading lights.Antico LED reading lamp

Wall mounted LED goose neck lights are long neck lights that are mounted on the wall. The neck of the light can be adjusted (bent) in various positions to ensure that the light from the lamp falls properly over your shoulder on the pages of your book. Goose neck wall mounted reading lights are perfect for those situations where you want a light that is suitable for people of various heights so that the light can be adjusted by individual readers.

Short neck flexible LED reading lights wall mount fixtures are great for people who are looking for lights that tend to draw less attention than the long necked goose neck lamps. These lights sit on a shorter flexible neck that can be adjusted to best suit your reading needs.

Recessed Reading Lights come in cool modern designs and colours and are designed to be recessed into the wall when the light is not in use. When you want to read in bed you simply pull out the light and adjust it so that the light shines down on the area that provides the most comfortable reading position for you.

What Makes Wall Mounted LED Reading Lights So Great

You may be wondering what makes LED reading lights so great. The simple fact is that LED lights has several advantages over more traditional types of lights including:

  • LED reading lights are more energy efficient than more traditional types of lighting making it possible for you to read all night long without worrying about your electric bill.
  • LED reading lights are long-lasting providing you with 20,000 hours of light or 20 times longer than more traditional lighting options.
  • LED reading lights require less maintenance than traditional lighting options since you never have to change a light bulb.
  • LED flexible LED reading lights wall mounts are environmentally friendly. LED lights do not produce excess energy and they are 100% recyclable.

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting LTD we have been making high quality lighting suitable for both home and commercial use for over 2 decades. Our Flexible LED reading lights wall mounts are made using the highest quality materials and the latest LED technology. It is recommended that you have any reading light installed by a qualified licensed electrician.

To order one or more of our reading lights please contact our online representative or give us a call at 0800-678-5156.

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