Designer Bedside Lamps How to Choose The Best For Your Space

Designer bedside lamps – When it comes to the lighting in your bedroom, there are a few fixtures that are commonly installed: overhead lighting, a bedside lamp and a floor lamp. One of the most overlooked types of lights for the bedroom is bedside reading lights. Designer bedside lamps are specifically designed to make it easy for individual people to relax in bed without having to have a bright light shining overhead. There are many reasons why one might incorporate one of these lights into their space.

Why Do You Need LED Reading Lights?

One of the best uses of these lights is for bedrooms that are occupied by more than one person. One person can keep a light on while the other sleeps. Having these lights may also make it easier for you to wind down at night. This is because you won’t have a bright light glaring down on you from overhead. You will instead have a softer, gentler light shining from the bedside. Having a bedside light so close will also eliminate the need to have to get out of bed to turn off the light.

Types of Designer Bedside Lamps

There are two main types of LED reading lights:

  • Fixed LED reading lights shine a light that beams down from one fixed state. They are usually in a cylindrical spotlight shape and can create a more luxurious look in the bedroom.
  • A flexible reading light comes with a base that is attached to a long arm. The arm can be moved around and positioned in any way that you like to more easily be able to see. These lights tend to have a more modern look due to their unique shape.

How To Choose the Best Designer Bedside Lamps

There are several things to consider when choosing your new designer bedside lamps:

  • First, decide whether you want a lamp that is fixed or has a flexible arm. A flexible reading lamp will allow you to take more control over the beam of light as opposed to the fixed lamps.
  • Many designer bedside lamps will come in a variety of colour finishes for you to choose from. Among the most common are gold, chrome and black. Choose the one that best suits the design of your space.
  • The material that these finishes are applied to is just as important. Choose a material that is going to outlast the years. One of the most common materials is metal, namely aluminium.
  • LIGHT TYPE. Choose a light type that is soft on the eyes and fits in with the rest of the lights in the room. A good colour temperature is 3000k warm white.

There are just as many types of bedside reading lights as there are reasons you should have them in your space. In this article, we’ve looked at some of the benefits of LED reading lamps. We’ve also outlined some things to look out for when shopping for your lighting to make the process easier for you.


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