Chrome Reading Lamp How to Make the Right Choice

Chrome reading lamp – Of all of the various light fixtures one could incorporate into their home, a bedside reading light is perhaps the most dedicated in its purpose. A reading light is made with the express purpose of limiting the amount of light in your bedroom while still giving you enough light to see by. There are many types of reading lights and just as many applications, and incorporating one into your bedroom will provide ample benefits. From a straightforward light to a chrome reading lamp, there are many options to choose from when picking yours out.

Why Should You Use a Chrome Reading Lamp?

With a wall-mounted reading light, you can first and foremost do what its name suggests: enjoy your book in bed before sleep without shining a light too bright that is uncomfortable for your partner sharing the space. This lamp shines a beam of light right down onto your area of the bed and nowhere else, leaving behind a soft glow. This type of light is also one way to make a hotel room a more comfortable place to be and is therefore every bit as well-suited for commercial use as it is for domestic use.

How Do You Choose the Right Reading Light?

Like most other types of light fixtures, there are some aspects to consider before making your purchase of a chrome reading lamp. Some of the considerations are as follows:

  • FLEXIBLE OR FIXED? A reading light is unique in the way that it is available either as a fixed light whose orientation cannot be freely changed as well as ones with flexible arms. The latter will allow you to reach up and move the light to shine a perfect beam right where you want it, while the former will cast illumination in a more generalized area in order to fill it with a soft glow for you to see by. Beyond that, you could also choose a recessed light fixture with sleek modern flair.
  • Choosing the right style of reading lamp also requires you to consider the style of your bedroom. If it is modern with silver fixtures, you can choose one with a finish to match. The same goes with the other finishes such as gold, black, wood or chrome reading lamp styles. These lights come in different shapes such as circular backplates with long flexible arms to square and rectangular ones with fixed cylindrical lamps.
  • Consider how much space you have beside the bed. Some reading lights are better for placement in larger hotel suites while smaller ones tend to work better in domestic applications.

Final Thoughts

For all of the types of chrome reading lamps there are available on the market, there are just as many reasons for you to bring one home. In this article, we took a look at the different types of reading lights available plus a quick guide on how to make the best choice for your space. Browse our collection with that information in mind to make the shopping experience a simpler one.


LWA322 3 Watt Polished Chrome Recessed LED Reading Light

LWA322-CR LED reading light



LWA298A Twin Polished Chrome LED Bedside Reading Light

LWA298A Polished chrome led reading light

LWA225 2 Watt Twin Polished Chrome Reading Lamp

LWA225 twin polished chrome reading lamp

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