How to Use Black Bedside Lamps For Stylish Bedtime Reading

Many modern bedrooms choose black bedside lamps to add drama; sophistication and a clean look to their bedroom décor. Choosing black bedside lamps as your over the bed LED reading light can serve two purposes. They can add to your bedroom’s décor and provide amble light for reading in bed at night.

What Types of Black Bedside Lamps Are Available?

Black bedside reading lamps come in a number of different styles ranging from recessed lights with moveable heads, to small solid arm lights to flexible arm reading lights.

Recessed black bedside lamps are recessed in the wall over each side of the bed and then when you want to use the light you tilt the head of the lamp out the light automatically turns on. When you push the light head back in the light automatically shuts off.

Small solid armed lights are wall mounted black bedside lamps that have short tube like arms. The arms can move forward and backward and from side to side to focus the light beam on the pages of your book, but movement of the head can be slightly limited.

Flexible arm reading lights are lights that are mounted onto the wall and have a flexible arm or what is often called a gooseneck, which is a longer arm that can be turned and twisted in a variety of different ways to focus the light exactly where they want it. Flexible arm lights are often single LED reading lights that are placed on either side of the bed. However, some of these lights have double flexible arms so that the light is mounted in the center of the bed and the person on each side of the bed has control of one light. This allows one person to sleep, while the other person reads.

Why Use LED Bedside Lighting

No matter which of the black bedside lamps you choose, making sure that those lights are LED reading lights will give you several benefits you may not find with other lighting options. Here is a look at some of those benefits.

  • Extremely energy efficient- LED lighting is extremely energy efficient using only a fraction of the energy that more traditional lighting options need. This energy savings not only reduces the demand on the local energy companies, it also results in you saving money on your own energy bill. While home owners who have one or two of these lights installed with only receive a small savings, businesses like hotels that use dozens of these light will notice a large savings.
  • Long Lasting- LED black bedside lights are incredibly long lasting with these lights lasting 20,000 hours or more before they need to be changed. This means that one of these lights can last you several years of maintenance free use since there are never any light bulbs to change.
  • Affordable- LED lighting is also extremely affordable costing only a little initially than more traditional lighting and making up the cost difference through the energy savings you will experience.

Make sure you have your LED black beside lamps wired into your 240 volt main by a qualified electrician.

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