Why Hotels Need Bedside Wall Reading Lights

Bedside Wall Reading LightsAs a Hotel owner or manager you want to your customers to feel relaxed and comfortable in the room you provide them. Providing those small comforts can mean the difference between a customer returning to you hotel or choosing somewhere else to stay. Equipping your hotel rooms with beside wall reading lights provides your customer with added convenience and comfort.

Business men and visitors alike enjoying relaxing at the end of a long day by sitting in bed and reading. While in bed many people spend time looking over business paperwork, vacation brochures or simply reading.

Why all Hotel Rooms Need Bedside Wall Reading Lights

Proving your hotel room with bedside wall reading lights is a small detail that can make a huge difference to your customers. Besides wall reading lights are the best type of reading lights for most hotel rooms.

The Perfect Set Up for Reading

A wall mounted reading lamp is the perfect for set up for reading. Experts state that when reading the light should come over your shoulder. Bedside wall reading lights are perfect as over shoulder lighting. On the other hand LED reading lights can offer long lasting bright light that can save your business money. So combining LED reading lights in a wall mounted reading lamp provide the perfect solution.

Benefits of an LED Reading Lamp

There are several benefits to a LED Beside Wall Reading Lights Including:

  • An LED reading lamp provides brighter light than a regular light bulb
  • They last much longer before needing to be replaced saving money and time
  • Ecological friendly they are free of toxic chemicals
  • Energy Efficient
  • Zero UV emissions

What Makes Our Wall Mounted Reading Lamps Unique?

Here at Ultra Beam lighting we have a wide selection of unique bedside wall reading lights and are sure to have the right light for your hotel’s décor. We offer beautiful chrome, chrome and rosewood, black, gold, and white reading lamps. We also offer recessed reading lamps to help keep your hotel looking streamlined.

  • Our Lamps Use the Latest LED Technology- We use the very latest LED technology in our lamps. Each light bulb has approximately 20,000 hours of life. That is 20 times longer life than the standard light bulbs. All of our lights come with a lengthy 3 year guarantee.

Our wall mounted reading lights are perfect for both and hotel use and we here at Ultra Beam Lighting have supplied reading lamps for some of the largest hotel chains in the United Kingdom.

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting we are dedicated to providing our customers with attractive and highly functional lighting. Our bedside wall reading lights can’t be beat in terms of bulb life, energy efficiency, and overall performance. Our high quality products are becoming increasing popular throughout the UK and we are proud to be able to offer our customers beautiful lighting that meets their needs.

To learn more about our attractive lighting options for beside wall reading lights or to meet your other lighting needs please take a few minutes to browse our website. We think you’ll be happy with the selections we offer.

Elegante 3 Watt Recessed Bedside Wall Reading Lights

LWA220 3 watt square recessed LED bedside reading light

LWA426 5 Watt LED Bedside Wall LED Reading Light

LWA426 bedside wall light with built in reading light and USB charging port

LWA421 4 Watt LED Bedside Reading Light With USB Port

LWA421 4 watt bedside wall reading lights with USB port for charging

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