How to Enhance Your Room With Bedside Wall Mounted Reading Lamps

Your bedroom provides ample opportunity to use various types of lighting to make it as comfortable as possible. Pendant lights and table lamps are the usual types of lighting for this purpose, but there is one that is often overlooked: bedside wall mounted reading lamps. With dedicated bedroom wall lighting specifically for the bedside, whoever is in bed can be as comfortable as possible as you read and relax in bed. This is true both for your bedroom at home and for any hotel suites you might own.

Why Choose Bedside Wall Mounted Reading Lamps?

  • COMFORTABLE ON THE EYES. While LED reading lights are designed to provide illumination, they are also made to not be too bright and abrasive on the eyes. In this way, you can enjoy a softer glow that won’t be too bright and keep you from relaxing for sleep. These light fixtures typically have a 3000k warm colour temperature, which is not only gentle on the eyes but is usually the same as any existing light fixtures.
  • WON’T DISTURB YOUR PARTNER. Ceiling lights and bright table lamps shine light over a large expanse of space that isn’t specific to you side of the bed. This could be uncomfortable for your partner if they go to sleep before you. Using a reading light will shine the light directly where you need it instead of spreading it across the room and disturbing their sleep.
  • When your bedroom wall lighting is positioned right beside your bed, you can easily reach over to turn it on and off. This stops you from having to get out of bed to turn it off when you’re ready to sleep.

How to Choose the Best Wall Reading Lights?

  • FLEXIBLE OR FIXED ARMS. Some reading lights attach to the wall and have a fixed area where they shine their light. Others have an arm that is flexible to allow you to adjust where the beam of light goes. Decide which of these will suit your needs more and then go from there.
  • Alongside whether the lamp has a flexible arm or not, there are other things to consider. Do you want a traditional circular backplate or a modern square one? Do you prefer a recessed look or one clearly mounted on the wall?
  • Much like you would when considering light fitting for any other room of the house, considering the finish is an important step. Bedside lamps come in common finishes such as chrome, black and white. Using these neutral colour schemes, you can choose one that fits in with the existing decor or instead provides a nice contrast.

Whether you are outfitting a bedroom at home or one in a hotel, having a bedroom reading light is one of the easiest ways to make it comfortable and inviting. We offer a variety of bedside wall mounted reading lamps lights to choose from, no matter what your taste. Browse our collection of bedside wall mounted reading lamps today to find the one that is best suited to you.

LWA418 3 Watt Bedside Wall Mounted Reading Lamps

LWA418 bedside wall mounted reading lamps

LWA448 4 Watt Bedside Wall Mounted Reading Lamps

LWA448 4 watt bedside wall mounted reading lamps

LWA426 5 Watt Bedside Wall Mounted Reading Lamps

LWA426 5 watt bedside wall mounted reading lamps







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