Bedside Wall Lamps How to Best Use LED Reading Lights

Bedside wall lamps – LED reading lights and other wall mounted reading lighting are a quick way to make your bedroom, domestic or hospitality, feel more comfortable and welcoming. There are reasons why you should consider these lights for your home.

Why Should You Use Bedside Wall Lamps?


  • When you are reading before bed, having the right amount of light is important as not to strain or damage your eyes. These lights will shine a dedicated beam onto the book instead of a general glow, ensuring you have plenty of light to read by.
  • RELAXATION WITHOUT DISTURBANCE. Whether you are sharing a space in a hotel or a bed with a partner at home, wall mounted reading lighting will help you relax without disturbing someone else. This is due to the fact that the light is concentrated only where you point it instead of filling the entire room.
  • EASY ON THE EYES. Even if you aren’t doing anything except relaxing in bed, having lighting that is not in the form of a bright overhead lamp may help you get to sleep sooner. With bedside wall lamps, you can have a smaller amount of light to relax by without overwhelming the space with too much light. These lights tend to produce a softer glow than other types of bedroom lights and won’t be as abrasive on the eyes.

How To Choose the Best LED Reading Lights


  • The style of light you choose is instrumental in the appearance of your bedroom or hotel room. There are a variety of types to choose from, and they fall under two main categories: fixed and flexible.

Fixed bedside wall lamps are not flexible and therefore shine a beam of light straight from where they are installed. In this way, they function more like a spotlight and usually have a wider design that shines more light than flexible lights.

Flexible bedside wall lamps come with arms that allow you to change the orientation of the light to shine the illumination in one specific place.

  • To ensure the light is going to outlast years of use, choosing a quality material is recommended, such as aluminium.
  • Choose a finish that will match the existing decor of the space, or you could instead choose one to offer a unique contrast.
  • LIGHT TYPE. Choosing a light with a colour temperature of 3000k warm white is recommended. This is a common light that is gentle on the eyes and probably is also able to match the existing light colours you may already have.

Bedside wall lamps are a great way to not only make your bedroom at home more comfortable but to do the same for your hotel suites as well. There are many different types of reading lights to choose from. Whatever it is you prefer, you are sure to find those here on our site. We offer a wide variety of light fixtures for you to choose from to make shopping easier. Browse our selection today.

LWA317-BK 3 Watt Beech Wood LED Bedroom Reading Light

LWA317 LED bedroom reading lights

Elegante 3 Watt Round Silver Recessed LED Reading Light

LWA219 LED bedroom reading lights

LWA298 6 Watt Polished Chrome Bedside Wall Lamps

LWA298 chrome bedside wall lamps


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