Bedside Reading Sconces How To Add Relaxed Lighting To a Bedroom

Bedside reading sconces are an excellent way to add more attractive, relaxing lighting to your bedroom than typical overhead or bedside lamps. With bedside reading sconces, you can create a beam of light that is more appropriately directed at one particular area. Not only is this a good idea for those who share a bed at home, but it is also well suited for hotels.

Types of Bedside Reading Sconces


  • WALL MOUNTED. Wall mounted reading sconces do exactly as advertised—attach to the wall by the bed. In this way, you can install it at the perfect angle for you.
  • HEADBOARD MOUNTED. Similarly, headboard mounted LED reading lights attach right to the headboard to provide a similar effect.
  • Fixed bedside reading sconces shine a glow that is more generalised but not as generalised as an overhead light or even a bedside lamp. These work well for providing a slightly wider glow range instead of a direct beam of light.
  • A flexible armed bedside reading sconce will allow the user to adjust the arm of the light to go directly where they want it to. This provides a more concentrated glow in a way that a fixed light may not.

How To Choose the Best Bedroom LED Reading Lighting


  • FIXED OR FLEXIBLE. Fixed bedside reading sconces are known to shine a vaguer glow. While they are more concentrated than a standard bedside lamp or overhead light, they don’t let you move the light around for a more direct beam. On the other hand, flexible lights do. With a flexible LED light, you can twist and turn the arm of the light to shine right where you want it. This is particularly useful if you share a bed with someone or own a hotel suite where more than one person will be staying; everyone can have their own light in the right amount.
  • Some LED reading lights have square backplates, while some are circular. Both of them are well suited for contemporary spaces. Even so, lines and angles or curves will work better in some styles of spaces than others. Choosing between these two can add the perfect finishing touch to your space.
  • To avoid having to replace your lights repeatedly, it is important to choose high-quality materials for your bedside reading sconces. Arguably, the best material for the job is metal, and more specifically, aluminium. Aluminium is hard-wearing but lightweight, and its long-lasting nature can serve you for years to come.
  • The finish of the light is just as important as the style. Choosing a finish comes down to whether you want it to blend into the existing colour scheme or create a nice contrast. For ultra-modern style, choosing a contrasting finish will tend to better serve the look of the space.

No matter if you are looking to buy reading lights for your domestic or hospitality bedrooms, we offer a wide selection to choose from. Shop our site today.


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LWA315 beech wood bedside reading sconces


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