Antico 3 Watt Flexible LED Reading Light – Classic Style

The Antico flexible LED reading light is one of our more popular fittings due to the fact that it is and unusual finish not seen elsewhere on line. It is finished in an antique brass effect to give a lovely warm brassy look that blends well with a bedroom finished in a pallet of warmer colours.

This flexible LED reading light uses a high quality 3 watt LED that produces 120 lumens of light output for those of us that don’t fully understand lumens it equates to approximately 15 watts of normal light bulb power which is more than enough for bedside reading lighting.Antico LED reading light

The arm of this flexible LED reading light is fully directional to allow you to direct the light exactly where it is needed and most importantly hold it’s position, nothing worse than a cheap light that gradually droops. The arm is 30cm long with the head mounted on the end which allows the light to be placed exactly where needed when wall mounted at the side of the bed.

A question we are often asked is can the LED light bulb be replaced? The answer to this is no, but don’t be put off as our LED’s have an amazing lifespan. They have a rated life of 20,000 hours now if you work out how many hours per day the lights are switched on it works out to at least 15 years of life.

We are also asked about how these lights are switched on and off. They come with a rocker switch mounted on the front of the fitting easy to operate particularly if you are a bit bleary eye’d.

Fitting these lights is a simple process the mains supply cable in your wall from the old lights you may have been using or the new supply cable that has been put in for the purpose of a flexible LED reading light either side of the bed. The fittings come pre wired so you just need to connect the live Neutral and earth cables into the mains supply on the wall. We always advise that a qualified electrician carries out this job which should take about 30 minutes to complete if the wiring is already installed.

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