8 Great Ideas For Above Bed Reading Lighting

Above bed light fixtures are one of the most popular types of bedside lighting solutions. With a reading light for above bed headboards, readers can get ample illumination shining over their shoulders to eliminate shadows. Below, we’ll talk about task lighting for bedtime reading and help you in choosing the right reading light.


Different Types of Above Bed Reading Lights

There are a variety of bedroom lighting options that you can choose from depending on your preferences. These include:


  • MAINS-POWERED WALL MOUNTED READING LIGHTS – Wall lights above bed headboards attach right onto the wall above the bed, which offer focused lighting for reading.


  • HEADBOARD CLIP ON LIGHTS – Perhaps the most versatile of above the bed reading lights, this type of fixture attaches to the headboard using a clip mechanism. You can easily move them around depending on your preferences on any given night, making this type of fixture quite the flexible reading light.


  • BATTERY-POWERED LIGHTS – With a battery powered light above headboard, you won’t have to worry about connecting it to any power source.


  • USB RECHARGEABLE READING LIGHTS – This type of above bed reading light is also battery-powered, but allows you to recharge it when it dies using a USB cable instead of replacing the batteries.


  • DIMMABLE READING LIGHTS – Dimmable lamps above bed areas let you stay in control of the lighting level throughout the night to ensure you are comfortable and your eyes are not strained. Dimmable lights also make your bedroom feel more atmospheric.


Why Do You Need Good Task Lighting For Bedtime Reading?

Having a reading light above bed headboards is crucial for several different reasons, such as:


  • EYE COMFORT – If you try to do your reading in light that is too dim, it could cause eye strain and general discomfort. Over time, this could lead to headaches and a decrease in your reading efficiency.


  • CLEAR VISIBILITY – Adequate lighting over bed will allow you to easily see the text on the page without the need to squint to decipher it.


  • FOCUSED LIGHTING – Above the bed reading lights, by nature, are designed to provide you with direct illumination. This means they provide concentrated lighting to reading areas, which will stop both glare and shadows from forming.


  • NICE CONTRAST – Above the bed lighting is so effective that it may even improve the contrast of the text against the pages, further enhancing visibility and make reading time pleasant.


  • RELAXATION – With an over the headboard lamp on at night, you won’t have to worry about using the too-bright overhead light in your bedroom. A smaller, dimmer light can help you get ready for bed, and you won’t need to get up and switch the light off when you’re ready to sleep.


How To Position Overbed Reading Lights

Reading light placement is important, but it can vary from room to room. Read on for some general guidance for placing your wall mounted reading light.


  • THINK OF THE ANGLE – You’ll need to position the light at such an angle that it shines directly onto the book without any shadows or glare. Instead of directing it at yourself, direct it at the page.


  • HEIGHT – Wall-mounted or headboard recessed lights should be positioned at a height that fits well with your reclined reading position or your upright seated position.


  • CONSIDER ADJUSTABLE LIGHTING – By choosing lights with swing arms or flexible bodies, you can adjust it on a whim to point in the right area no matter what.


  • BED PLACEMENT AND SIZE – Be sure the lights are placed in a way that offers ample illumination wherever you like to read, both for sitting up and lying down. This could change depending on the size of the bed.


Are LED Reading Lights Suitable For a Child’s Bedroom?

An LED light above bed areas is ideal for any bedroom, including a child’s. LED lights are:


  • SAFE – Since LED lights output significantly less heat when you compare them to traditional bulbs, they don’t get hot to the touch. This can reduce the risk of burns if your child touches the bulb while it’s turned on.


  • DURABLE – Kids tend to have a rougher touch. In the event that they handle the light in such a manner, the strong nature of LED lights makes them resistant to vibrations and shocks. Accidents happen as well, and they are durable enough to survive knocks and bumps.


  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – Many children enjoy having a night light turned on while they sleep. LED lights use very little energy, so even if you have a light on all through the night, it won’t significantly impact your electricity bill.


  • ECO-FRIENDLY – Part of what makes LED lights environmentally safe is the fact that they do not have any toxic materials in them, such as mercury. Beyond that, they don’t emit UV Both of these combine to make the environment healthier and safer for your child.


  • LONG LIFE – If you want to avoid constantly having to change the light bulbs in your child’s room, you can rely on LED bulbs to endure. They tend to last a minimum of 20,000 hours, opposed to the 1,000 hours of life traditional bulbs afford.


  • DIMMABLE – Some LED lights come with the capability of dimming them, which is crucial for helping your child unwind before bed.


What Are The Common Issues With Bedtime Reading Lighting?

While reading lights have many benefits, there are a few problems that you may run into.


  • LIMITED BRIGHTNESS – Reading lights are meant to be on the dimmer side and easier on the eyes, so they don’t work well as main or ambient lighting.


  • LIMITED LIGHT COVERAGE – In the event that a light has not been placed in the best location, you may notice that the light provided does not cover a large enough area for you to read comfortably.


  • REFLECTIONS AND GLARE – If you don’t take care to install a light at the best angle, you may notice a glare when you settle down to read.


  • SHADOWS – Similarly, an ill-placed light may cast shadows down onto the page. Both environments may make it more difficult to read.


  • LACK OF ADJUSTABILITY If you choose a light that is fixed, you will be limited to shining the light in one particular area and nowhere else.


  • LIMITED COLOUR TEMPERATURES – Most reading lights come in a warm colour temperature in order to be gentle on the eyes and help you relax. If you prefer cooler colour temperatures, you may have a hard time finding a reading light to accommodate your preferences.


How To Balance Overbed Lighting with Other Lighting in the Bedroom

Below, you’ll find some tips on incorporating reading lights with the other fixtures in your room:


  • LAYERED LIGHTING – Reading lights, like any other kind of light, work best when they are a part of a layered lighting scheme. Depending on how you use the light, it can function as both task lighting and mood lighting. With the overhead light you likely already have in the bedroom, installing a reading light can pull together a balanced, layered look.


  • COMPLEMENTARY COLOUR TEMPERATURES – It is important that all the lights in the room have the same colour temperature. Otherwise, cool and warm colour temperatures together run the risk of clashing in an unappealing and uncomfortable way.


  • CONSIDER LIGHTING ZONES – Divide the bedroom up into different lighting areas based on what you plan to do in them. This includes reading lights near the bed, focused task lighting near writing desks and lights in the wardrobe, to name a few.


  • DIMMABLE LIGHTING – With dimmable LED lights, you can adjust the brightness levels of the reading light according to the rest of the light in the room.


  • SEPARATE CONTROLS – When possible, place your reading lights on a different control system than the main light. This will allow you to use one or the other instead of having to turn them both on at once.


  • BALANCE TASK AND AMBIENT LIGHTING Be sure that the task lighting is enough for reading without having to rely on ambient lighting in the room for such tasks.


What is The Ideal Lumen Level For Reading Lights?

Lights for above beds require a different lumen level than other types of light. The goal is for the light to be bright enough for you to read by without causing eye strain, but still being comfortable and dim enough to relax in bed. Therefore, lights no brighter than 450 lumens tend to be recommended.


Ideas for Above Bed Reading Lights


  1. LWA317 3 Watt LED Beech Wood Wall Mounted Reading Light

LWA317 3 watt beech wood LED reading light

The LWA317 3 Watt LED Beech Wood Wall Mounted Reading Light is ideal for modern bedrooms that need a stylish touch up. The beech wood design gives the light a contemporary and coastal look, while the black flexible arm provides excellent functionality. This wall mounted reading light can be adjusted to shine the 120 lumens of 3000k warm white light at a 30-degree beam angle anywhere you choose. It comes in either a black or polished chrome finish for the tip.



  1. LWA225 Twin 2 Watt Chrome Wall Mounted LED Reading Light

LWA225 twin polished chrome wall mounted bedside lights

Perfect for the couple that spends time reading, the LWA225 Twin 2 Watt Chrome Wall Mounted LED Reading Light has two flexible arms that allow you to point them in different directions. The light heads each output 140 lumens of light and are operated using a single on and off switch on the top of the fixture. The light features a polished chrome backplate and uses durable aluminium for the arms.



  1. Seville Twin 3 Watt Black Wall Mounted LED Reading Light

LWA204 twin black over bed reading lamps

Another great choice for those who share a bed, the Seville Twin 3 Watt Black Wall Mounted LED Reading Light allows customization for both partners. The light heads are able to be swivelled and twisted to shine the light at the preferred angle for each person. Each light head produces 120 lumens of light from a 3000k warm white LED bulb. The black finish of the fixture allows it to be incorporated into bedrooms of any design style.



  1. LWA298 6 Watt LED Chrome Wall Mounted Bedside Reading Light

LWA298 Wall mounted chrome bedside wall light

If you prefer more traditional style reading lamps, this LWA298 6 Watt LED Chrome Wall Mounted Bedside Reading Light is for you. This lamp features a circular shade that wraps around it, giving it a classic appearance. Everything from the backplate to the shade is crafted out of premium aluminium that has a sleek polished chrome finish. The fixture outputs 600 lumens of 3000k warm white light and measures 112 millimeters in height by 148 millimeters in width.



  1. LWA299 12 Watt LED Chrome Wall Mounted Bedside Reading Light

LWA299 polished chrome led reading light for bed

Enjoy brighter, more ambient reading light with the LWA299 12 Watt LED Chrome Wall Mounted Bedside Reading Light. This over the bed lamp outputs a total of 1200 lumens of 3200k warm white light, which is bright but still easy on the eyes. On the backplate, you’ll find two switches that allow you to control the lights individually. Overall, the fixture measures 350 millimeters wide by 112 millimeters high.



  1. LWA299A 12+6 Watt LED Chrome Wall Mounted Bedside Reading Light

LWA299A 12 watt polished chrome over bed reading lamps

Get the best of both worlds with the LWA299A 12+6 Watt LED Chrome Wall Mounted Bedside Reading Light. This bedside reading light features two lamp shades and two flexible reading lights, allowing you to choose how focused you want your illumination at any given point. The flexible light heads output 120 lumens of illumination, while the main lights output a total of 1200 lumens. This fixture is built to last from premium aluminium that is finished in dazzling polished chrome.



  1. Elegante Square Recessed LED Bedside Reading Light

LWA220 3 watt recessed bedside reading light retro hotel lighting

Simple, sleek and compact, the Elegante Square Recessed LED Bedside Reading Light allows you to save space by your bed while still enjoying an efficient reading light. The product recesses into the wall and turns on and off by flipping the light head out and back into the backplate. Each light outputs 206 lumens of 3000k warm white light, making the fixture ideal for reading. It measures 110 millimeters by 110 millimeters and requires an 80-millimeter hole cut-out, making the light compact and easy to place. Choose from silver, white or black finishes.



  1. LWA474 5 Watt LED Wall Light With 3 Watt Adjustable Reading Light

LWA474 5 watt bed mounted reading light

Ultra modern and chic, the LWA474 5 Watt LED Wall Light With 3 Watt Adjustable Reading Light is a stylish reading lamp that fits in with your clean, contemporary aesthetic. The light features a vertical post shape that washes illumination back onto the wall for an indirect glow. It also comes with a light head that you can tilt and twist to shine focused 3000k warm white light right where you want it. The light head produces 120 lumens, while the main wall light outputs 500 lumens. It is manufactured out of high quality aluminium from top to bottom and comes in a black or white finish.

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