5 Great Ideas For Flexible Arm LED Reading Lights

Adding an adjustable reading light to your bedroom can vastly improve the look and feel of the space. Below are a few flexible LED reading light options for you to consider.

  1. Nero 3 Watt Switched LED Wall Mounted Reading Light

nero black LED reading light

Sleek and black, the Nero 3 Watt Switched LED Wall Mounted Reading Light is a simple, modern adjustable reading light for any bedroom. It is designed to be mounted on the wall and features an easily adjustable arm, so you can shine its light right onto your book.

It has a beam angle of 30 degrees that gives you even more control over the light that is shone from its flexible arm measuring 330 millimeters. It uses three watts of power to output 3200k warm white light; this is the perfect brightness for reading without it being too stimulating when you’re trying to relax at the end of the day.

  1. Antico 3 Watt Switched LED Wall Mounted Reading Light

Antico 3 watt antique brass gooseneck reading light


The elegant gold-toned finish of the Antico 3 Watt Switched LED Wall Mounted Reading Light adds a luxurious finishing touch alongside its illumination. This three-watt light outputs 250 lumens of 3200k warm white light that is gentle on the eyes and still provides plenty of light for you to see. It has a flexible arm measuring 330 millimeters that you can use to twist and turn it to the right angle. The beam angle of 30 degrees makes it even simpler for you to command exactly where the light goes.


  1. LWA317 3 Watt LED Beech Wood Wall Mounted Reading Light

LWA317 beech wood gooseneck LED reading Light

For a light that is ultra-modern and coastal-inspired, try the LWA317 3 Watt LED Beech Wood Wall Mounted Reading Light. The light features a circular beech wood base and matching wood strip along the light head, making this fixture stand out immediately. It has an arm measuring 90 millimeters long and 25 millimeters wide, which is easy to manipulate to the proper location. The head can be adjusted up to 30 degrees, so you can easily adjust it exactly where you want it to shine. The simple on-off switch makes controlling the light possible with a simple push.


  1. LWA423 3 Watt Flexible Arm LED Reading Light With USB Ports

LWA423 3 watt flexible arm wall reading light

You can take your adjustable bedside reading light one step further in its convenience with the LWA423 3 Watt Flexible Arm LED Reading Light With USB Ports. On the circular base of the light are USB ports that you can use to charge your electronics directly from it. It comes with all of the features you need from the light as well, including a long arm that can be twisted to shine the light directly where you want it and a simple on/off switch on the back plate. The black and white finish options make incorporating it into any space simple, regardless of colour scheme.


  1. LWA298A 6+3 Watt LED Chrome Wall Mounted Bedside Reading Light

LWA298A polished chrome reading lamps for bedroom

A bit more dramatic than the others mentioned here, the LWA298A 6+3 Watt LED Chrome Wall Mounted Bedside Reading Light is well suited for grand bedrooms and hotel suites. It features a lamp on top and a flexible reading arm extending down. This combination leaves you plenty of options for lighting that you can switch between using the buttons on the back plate. The main light outputs 600 lumens, while the reading light gives off 120. Both of them shine warm 3200k white light, perfect for the bedroom.

What Is a Flexible Arm LED Reading Light?

A flexible arm LED reading light is a wall mounted LED light complete with a flexible arm, as its name suggests. The arm enables you to move and direct the light onto an exact spot, such as over the book you’re currently reading. This type of LED reading light is designed to stay right where you adjust it to shine unlike cheaper bendy reading light fixtures on the market. This way, you can position the light how you like and then forget about it until you’re ready to turn it off.

Bedside reading light fixtures are perfect options for reading at night since they will illuminate the book or magazine you’re reading without causing the rest of the room to become flooded with excess light. This is especially beneficial if you share a room with anyone else. You can use them as a wall mounted reading light or a headboard reading light if the headboard is large enough. It all comes down to preference.

Since most bedside reading light fixtures use LED bulbs, they don’t get hot, which is particularly beneficial if you use them in rooms with children. If they touch the light, you won’t have to worry about them getting burned.

Are There Any Other Uses for These Wall Mounted Reading Lights? 

A Flexible LED reading light can be used for far more than just bedroom reading light. You can get creative and use these lights:

  • Over a sewing table
  • Over a workbench
  • Beside a reading chair
  • Over boat navigation maps and charts
  • In a restaurant or hotel reception area by the front desk
  • Caravans that have a 240 volt mains supply

What Is the Best Position To Mount These Wall Mounted Reading Lights?

If you plan to put your LED reading lamp on either side of a bed, you’ll need to make sure they are close enough that you can easily reach up and turn them on or off or even adjust them. It is recommended that they are not too high on the wall for this reason, so it is a good idea to place them somewhere between18 and 24 inches above the bedside table. You can pair them with bedside table lamps and position them nearby to create a more comfortable, well-lit area.

How Bright Are Adjustable LED Reading Lights?

Since you are going to be using LED reading lights at night in bed when you’re winding down, you don’t want the light to be too bright. Instead, you want something that is going to be bright enough to see but still dim enough to be comfortable. Normally, this would require you to look for wattages, but with LED, you’ll need to look for its lumen amount instead.

Generally speaking, one watt of LED light is the same as 80 to 100 lumens of light. This means that you can expect a 3-watt LED light to shine a light similar to a 25- to 30-watt halogen bulb. A five-watt LED light would shine the same level of light as a 45- to 50-watt halogen bulb.

For bedside lamps, you won’t need a high LED wattage since they are already pretty close to you and your book. If it is too bright, it might not only overstimulate your eyes before sleep, but it might disturb anyone who shares the room with you.

What Is the Best Light Colour for Flexible Reading Lights?

Warm lights tend to be better for bedroom areas in general, and this is especially true for reading lights. As mentioned, you want a light that is gentle on the eyes, and that is exactly what warm colour temperatures such as 3000k offer. The human brain reacts in different ways to cool and warm lighting, affecting concentration, mood and stimulation levels. The fact that it is believed warm light helps you relax should also be taken into account here.

How Are They Switched On and Off?

There is a wide range of options for LED reading lights and their ability to be turned on and off. Standard style rocker switches are common, which are just basic on and off switches that you’re likely familiar with. As the years pass, touch switches have become increasingly popular, which gives the fitting a sleeker look and feel. They often have a plain round disc situated on the front that you just tap with one finger to turn the light on and off.

Some lights have no built-in switches. These instead get connected to a switch next to the bed, which is particularly helpful if you have an old reading light that already features an on/off switch located on the wall.

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