How to Choose The Best Mirror Lighting Fixtures

The importance of mirror lighting is something that cannot be overstated. In a task-heavy area such as the bathroom, having adequate lighting for grooming, applying makeup and getting ready for the day is crucial. In the article below, we will explore mirror lighting fixtures and their importance in a bathroom.


What is Mirror Lighting?

Mirror lights are those that are designed to be installed around or on mirrors. Their purpose is to not only enhance the visual appearance in the bathroom, but also provide ample lighting and visibility. Vanity mirror lighting can include over mirror lights, lights around mirror areas or a mirror light fixture itself. The best bathroom mirror lights for any given space largely depend on personal preference and bathroom style.


Why is Good Mirror Lighting Important?

Mirror lighting plays a major role in the bathroom. Alongside providing better general visibility and decoration, there are smaller ways that these lights can contribute to the space:


  • GREATER FUNCTIONALITY – Lights around a mirror makes the mirror itself easier to see, improving its functionality by helping the user put on makeup, style hair or get dressed in the best lighting conditions.
  • FLATTERING LIGHT – Light over mirror areas can provide nice lighting for performing the above-mentioned tasks. This is particularly important for things like makeup application where you need to be able to see the details and colours clearly.
  • CONVENIENCE AND SAFETY – Bathroom lights over mirror areas can further the overall illumination in the room, making it easier to see and navigate. This can help prevent falls and slips and otherwise avoid injuries.
  • CUSTOMIZATION – By choosing a mirror wall light with a more natural colour temperature, you can have greater confidence that the way you look in the mirror is how you will look out in the sun as well.


How Ambient Lighting Affects Mirror Use

Ambient lighting plays a rather large role in how the mirror is used. One way is how it provides general lighting around the entire area, not just the mirror. This helps to create a well-lit space with a lighting level that is balanced and even.

With enough ambient lighting, there is less of a chance of shadows and other dark spots on the mirror’s reflection. This in turn means enjoying clearer, more accurate reflections, so one can see themself more clearly without any distortions.

Good ambient lighting can also create an inviting, pleasant and atmospheric feel in the room. This can be used to turn the bathroom into a spa-like experience, making it a great place to relax. Furthermore, ambient light can also improve the visibility and safety in the room overall, letting you navigate slippery floors more safely.

When it comes to performing tasks, there is really no such thing as too much light. Ambient light is yet another layer of lighting that allows you to have ample illumination for tasks such as grooming in the mirror, cleaning the bathroom and everything in between.



How To Create a Stylish and Functional Space for Your Mirror

Whether you’re looking to add dressing table wall lights or add a wall mirror with lights to your space, there are many ways you can incorporate mirror lights. Below are some tips on achieving this:


  • CHOOSE THE RIGHT MIRROR – Before anything else, make sure you have the best mirror possible for your particular bathroom. Opt for a mirror that fits in with the size and style of the space. Take note of things such as material, shape, frame design and general aesthetics when shopping for the mirror itself.
  • CONSIDER VARIOUS LIGHTING OPTIONS – There are many wall light mirror options you can choose from. Above mirror light fixtures are particularly popular for vanity lights as they provide a nice wash of light over the entire space from above.
  • MAKE THE MOST OF NATURAL LIGHT If you have windows in your bathroom, you can place the mirror nearer to it to enjoy the clarity and brightness of natural sunlight during the day.
  • THINK ABOUT TASK LIGHTING – Wall mirror light fixtures can be used by a mirror for the express purpose of grooming. Consider this when installing lights around the mirror.
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF DIMMERS – Bathroom lights above mirror spaces can give you greater control over the light level and general atmosphere in the bathroom. This is particularly good for those who like to create a spa-like feel in their bathroom.
  • BACKLIT MIRRORS – With a light behind the mirror instead of beside or above it, you can create a modern, beautiful focal point in the bathroom while also ensuring ample lighting for tasks.
  • MAKE IT HARMONIOUS – Choose lights of a similar colour and style to the other lights in the bathroom for your mirror. This will give you a streamlined look and pull your decor together with greater ease.



How To Light a Vanity Mirror in the Bathroom

When you’re considering various wall mounted mirror lighting ideas, it’s a good idea to think about the practicality of the mirror lights as well. Below are some tips on lighting your vanity mirror:


  • FIGURE OUT HOW MUCH LIGHT YOU NEED – Determine the types of tasks you’ll be performing at the mirror, including grooming, makeup application and shaving. From here, you can determine just how much light you will need in the area.
  • MATCH THE DECOR – Choose lights that suit your needs while also meshing well with the surrounding decor in the bathroom.
  • POSITION THEM WELL – Place the lights on either side of the mirror, or above the mirror, at approximately eye level when possible. This will allow for even illumination across your entire face, avoiding unflattering shadows.
  • HANG THEM AT THE RIGHT HEIGHT – It is generally recommended that you place the bottom edge of a light fixture around 60 to 66 inches from the floor. If the mirror is lower to the ground, it is recommended you hang the lights at eye level.
  • PAY ATTENTION TO LIGHTING LEVELS – Be sure that the lights are not pointed up or down, but at your face instead. This, too, will minimize shadows.
  • GET THE RIGHT BULBS – Generally, it is recommended that you use LED bulbs with a high Colour Rendering Index as well as colour temperatures in the warm white range, between 2700k and 3200k.
  • AVOID GLARE – By installing fixtures with diffusers or lamp shades, you can reduce glare from the light and prevent eye strain.
  • LAYER YOUR LIGHTING – The mirror lights should be just one of the lights in the bathroom and not the sole source. Incorporate mirror lighting among ambient lighting to get a well-balanced look.

Bathroom mirror lighting over vanity units


How To Light a Dressing Table Mirror

You can also choose a wall light for mirror areas near your dressing table. A few ways to accomplish this include:


  • BUILT-IN BULBS – Using mirrors that have lights built into them will give you ample lighting for application of makeup and other grooming. The lights tend to be built right into the frame and allow you to adjust them.
  • HOLLYWOOD LIGHTING – Install lights around the perimeter using globe or strip lights to achieve a classic, Old Hollywood look around your vanity.
  • INDIRECT LIGHTING – Using wall lights on the side of the mirror or even vertical strips instead, will minimize shadows while providing ample illumination for grooming.
  • ABOVE MIRROR LIGHTING – Placing a light above the dressing table mirror will offer general, ambient lighting, which you can then complement with other smaller lights in a layered lighting scheme.
  • MIRROR MOUNTED LIGHTS – If you want to save space around the dressing table, attaching lights directly to the mirror is a good way to do so. You can easily customize the arrangement of these lights to your liking.



How To Get Overhead Mirror Lighting Right

The first thing you should do when considering lighting above the mirror is the size, shape and positioning of the mirror. You should also consider the distance between the ceiling and the mirror to determine where you should place it, so it looks balanced and even.

When it comes to overhead ceiling lights, you can install wall mounted or recessed lights right above the mirror. This will generate ambient illumination right above the mirror. Just be sure they are evenly spaced to ensure shadows and dark spots are not created.

Pendant lights are another way to add light over the mirror, and they are especially good in areas that have a lot of vertical space above the mirror. Choosing lights with adjustable heights will allow you to place them in a way that best suits the unique dimensions of your space.

With track lighting, you can stay in greater control of the overall direction of the lighting. With lights on a track overhead, you can adjust the direction of the light more easily. LED strip lights are another way to create linear lighting by attaching them along the ceiling above the mirror.


Why Are LED’s The Best Choice For Mirror Lighting?

LED lights are quickly replacing traditional light bulbs due to their many benefits. Some of the benefits of LED lights include:


  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY – LED bulbs use significantly less energy than traditional bulbs. This means that they require less energy to create illumination, in turn reducing both your costs and your environmental footprint.
  • COST SAVINGS – Because they require less electricity to run, you can expect your energy bill to see reduced costs over time.
  • LONGER LIFE – As opposed to traditional bulbs that only run for 1,000 hours on average, LED bulbs tend to have a minimum of 20,000 hours of life. This will reduce your need to constantly replace them, furthering their cost-saving benefits.
  • COLOUR RENDERING AND TEMPERATURE – LED lights come with different CRI ratings, so you can be sure you are getting a high CRI for grooming tasks. Furthermore, they allow you to choose from a range of colour temperatures, allowing you control over the warmth or coolness of the light.
  • DIRECTIONAL LIGHTING – LED bulbs allow you to focus the light exactly where you want it, as opposed to traditional bulbs that shine light in all directions.


Mirror Lighting Ideas


  1. LWA339 12 Watt LED Stainless Steel Bathroom Wall Light

LWA339 12 watt stainless steel over mirror lights

Enjoy that Old Hollywood look with the LWA339 12 Watt LED Stainless Steel Bathroom Wall Light. This wall light features an oblong, stainless steel backplate with four globe bulbs positioned on the front. These bulbs shine 960 total lumens of 3000k warm white light through their opal acrylic shades. Measuring 540 millimeters in length, the fixture carries an IP44 rating that makes the product safe for placement above mirrors over sinks.



  1. LWA189 6 Watt Black LED Mirror Light

LWA189 6 Watt Black LED Mirror Light

Sleek and chic, the LWA189 6 Watt Black LED Mirror Light provides ample illumination in a minimalistic and modern way. The light features two heads that you can tilt and twist to fine tune the lighting to where you want it. A total output of 240 lumens of 3200k warm white light makes the light fashioned out of durable material in a neutral, anodized black finish pleasant on the eyes.



  1. LWA193 6 Watt Black LED Mirror Light

LWA193 6 Watt Black LED Mirror Light

Modernize your bathroom with the LWA193 6 Watt Black LED Mirror Light. This mirror light has two heads that can each be tilted and twisted to the preferred angle for your bathroom. The surface mounted light measures 350 millimeters wide and is well suited for placement above mirrors of most sizes. A total of 240 lumens of light is produced by the bulbs, providing ample task lighting for grooming. The lights are rated to last 50,000 hours of use, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.



  1. LWA195 6 Watt Black LED Mirror Light

LWA195 6 watt black over mirror light

Create ample lighting above your mirror or dressing table with the LWA195 6 Watt Black LED Mirror Light. This mirror light features a long bar shape with bulbs that output 420 lumens of 3000k warm white light. It is crafted out of high quality aluminium that is finished in anodized black and comes with an opaque acrylic diffuser. Overall, the fixture measures 320 millimeters wide by 50 millimeters high.



  1. LWA194 9 Watt Black LED Mirror Light

LWA194 9 watt black LED over mirror light

Give yourself plenty of illumination for performing tasks while enhancing the decor of the bathroom as well with the LWA194 9 Watt Black LED Mirror Light. This light fixture comes with three light heads that create a total of 620 lumens of light. The 3200k warm white light shines through the opal acrylic shades that diffuse and further soften the light emitted. This surface mounted light has an IP20 rating and measures 500 millimeters in width by 80 millimeters in height.



  1. LWA196 12 Watt Black LED Mirror Light

LWA196 12 watt black LED mirror light

Add plenty of ambient light in your bathroom with the LWA196 12 Watt Black LED Mirror Light. This light outputs an ultra bright 840 lumens of 3200k warm white light across a large area of space at once. Since the light shines through the opal acrylic diffuser, it eliminates the risk of glare as well. The light measures 590 millimeters wide, making it ideal for placement above larger mirrors. Durably crafted out of durable premium aluminium, this light fits well in any bathroom, thanks to its sleek anodized black colour.

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