Why LED Mirror Lights Are The Perfect Dressing Table Accessory

LED mirror lights are an ultra modern and beneficial way to provide lighting to that bathroom or bedroom mirror. These over the mirror lights are perfect for providing bright light for putting on make up, shaving and taking care of other hygienic needs where light is needed for better final results.

Considerations When Buying and LED Mirror Light

A light above mirror can come in a variety of sizes and may contain several light heads to ensure that entire width of the mirror is light up for better visual when performing tasks in front of the mirror. These lights go with almost any décor and can be used both in private homes as well hotels and bathroom of various businesses. You just need to make sure that you have enough space over your mirror for the light mounting. In addition, LED mirror lights needs to be hard wired into your 240 electric main so make sure that your have your light installed by a professional electrician.

Benefits of LED Mirror Lights

There are several different benefits of A LED mirror light. These benefits include:

  • Light Dispersement- LED lights are designed to focus it’s light on a specific location without the need for a reflector. This means that these lights can deliver their light to the desired location where the light is most needed.
  • Energy Efficiency- A LED over the mirror light is far more energy efficient than more traditional lighting options since these lights use only 50% to 80% less energy than those traditional lights that have been around forever. In addition, only 20% of the energy from LED lighting goes to waste, where 80% of the energy from traditional lighting is wasted.
  • Longevity- LED lighting also is long-lasting with these lights lasting anywhere from 20,000 to 70,000 hours depending on the light and the manufacturer. This means that one of these lights can last anywhere from 3 to 10 years or more before they ever need to be changed.
  • Environmentally Friendly- LED mirror lights are environmentally friendly. Not only are these lights energy efficient, which reduces the energy demand on local utility companies, they also contain no toxic elements that can poison the environment. In addition, where traditional lighting gives off heat as waste LED lighting burns much cooler so it won’t add to global warming. LED lighting is also 100% recyclable.
  • Low Maintenance- LED over the mirror lights have no light bulbs to change so except for the occasional dusting these lights require no maintenance saving you a good deal of time and effort.
  • Instant Lighting- unlike fluorescent lighting that may take a little time to warm up before the light comes on, LED lights come fully on the moment you flip the switch. Providing you with instant light the moment you need it.

A LED mirror light can be a beneficial, convenient and affordable way to provide task lighting to your bedroom and/or bathroom.

LWA195 6 Watt Black LED Mirror Lights

LWA195 6 watt black over mirror LED mirror lights

LWA190 9 Watt Black LED Mirror Lights

LWA190 9 watt black LED mirror lights

LWA238 12 Watt Polished Chrome LED Mirror Lights

LWA238 12 watt polished chrome LED mirror lights

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