Hollywood Vanity Lights – Classic Bathroom Mirror Lights

Hollywood vanity lights are a trendy addition to any bathroom. They can make the vanity area stand out from the rest of the bathroom while also giving you enough light to prepare for the day. In this article, we’ll explore important points to consider before choosing your new LED vanity lights.

What Are the Lighting Zones for the Bathroom?

Because bathrooms tend to have a lot of moisture and humidity, knowing where the lighting zones are in the bathroom can save you a lot of time and effort. Below, we have listed them out.

  • ZONE 0. In zone 0, you will find lights that are completely submerged in water. This includes areas such as a wet room floor or the lights that are found inside of a bath. This area of the bathroom will require lights that are rated a waterproof rating of IP67.
  • ZONE 1. In this zone are the lights that are placed right above the shower or the bath. Because of their proximity to the water and steam, these, too, will need an IP67 rating to keep them protected.
  • ZONE 2. Zone 2 is thought to be the most common lighting section of a bathroom in a home. This zone usually covers the perimeter that surrounds the Zone 1 area in the bathroom. This also includes the radius of the sink. In this area, you’ll need lights that have at least an IP44 rating.
  • ZONE 3. Finally, Zone 3 is the area that is anywhere outside of the above zones. In this location, there should be no jet water that can reach it. There is no special lighting that is needed for this area. Even so, it is recommended that you have a minimum of an IP20 rating.

How To Choose the Best LED Mirror Lighting

  • Vanity lighting fittings offer different amounts of light bulbs to choose from, with some only having two and others having as many as four or five. Depending on the size of your vanity area, you may need more or less lighting. This should be considered first.
  • IP RATING. Because your hollywood vanity lights are in the bathroom and therefore exposed to moisture, the IP rating is crucial. Be sure you know which zone in the bathroom your lights will be added to. Once you know, you can choose the IP rating accordingly.
  • The humid, moist conditions in the bathroom need a material that can withstand the exposure. It is recommended that you choose metal, and of the many metals, you should consider durable and resilient aluminium.

Hollywood vanity lights are an increasingly popular trend in many homes. This type of dressing room mirror lighting offers a more luxurious appearance while also providing you with plenty of illumination for you to get ready for your day. In this article, we explored the different zones of a bathroom you need to consider before installing Hollywood vanity lights. We also provided you with a brief buying guide toward finding the best lights for you. Use this article while shopping for your new LED mirror lighting.

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