Hollywood Style Mirror Lighting – Function and Style For Your Bathroom

Hollywood style mirror lighting – Your bathroom is a place you spend a good period of time getting ready for your day. Having proper lighting outside of simple ceiling lights will make it a more convenient and comfortable place to be. One of the best ways to improve upon the illumination is to install LED mirror lights. These lights illuminate the area specifically around the mirror, making your reflection more visible.

Not only this, but with options such as Hollywood-style mirror lighting, you can also elevate the look of the bathroom. An over mirror light fixture is a diverse style of light that is available in many options so you can choose the one that best suits your taste.

How to Choose the Best Hollywood Style Mirror Lighting for Your Bathroom

When you are choosing a new light, there are certain things you want to look for. Among these are items such as style, material and finish. What makes this style of light stand out is that you must also consider how it will fare against the moisture in the bathroom. Other rooms in the house usually don’t have that problem. When it comes to the bathroom, you need to pay attention to the IP rating of any lights you plan to install.

In so doing, you will also need to be familiar with the lighting zones in your bathroom. Depending on the position and location of your mirror, there are certain things you’ll want to take into account. Get familiar with the lighting zones below.

What Are the Different Lighting Zones?

The various lighting zones in the bathroom are as follows:

  • ZONE 0. This zone refers to lights that are fully submerged in water, usually in a wet room floor or a bath. This is an intense area that will usually require a light fixture of an IP67 rating.
  • ZONE 1. In this zone are the lights you will place right above the bath or shower where steam gets directly into them. In this zone, you’ll also want an IP67-rated light.
  • ZONE 2. Zone two lighting is one of the most common requirements for lighting in domestic bathrooms and includes the lights above the mirror. It encompasses the perimeters of the zone one location, as well as the radius of the sink. This will necessitate illumination rated IP44 or better, including lights such as Hollywood-style mirror lighting.
  • ZONE 3. Finally, this zone will be anywhere outside of the places that are listed above. These are where no jet water is able to touch it. There is no special light or IP rating you need, but a minimum of an IP20 rating is recommended to be safe.

After you have determined the zone of the area where you will be placing the light, you can check for the appropriate IP rating. After that, you can begin to look for bathroom lights that suit the style you are after. No matter what those may be, we offer plenty of mirror lighting for bathrooms for you to peruse and choose from.


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