How to Choose The Right Dressing Room Mirror Lights

Dressing room mirror lights – When getting ready for a night out or heading into work in the morning, looking your best will help you feel your best. A full-length mirror or even the vanity mirror is your best companion in these moments, but if you don’t have proper lighting, you might not be seeing yourself clearly. While overhead lights in bathrooms, dressing areas, bedrooms and beyond provide overall illumination, they don’t give you the dedicated light you may need to see yourself properly. That’s where dressing room mirror lights come in.

Lights above a mirror can give you the right illumination to check your appearance both in terms of apparel and in terms of your makeup and hair. LED mirror lighting provides more direct illumination in these areas, helping you to truly see yourself in a way that standard overhead lighting doesn’t always allow you to.

There are many different types of dressing room mirror lights to choose from, but before you do, you need to consider a few things.

How to Choose the Best Dressing Room Mirror Lights


  • IP RATING. If your dressing area is in your bathroom instead of in your bedroom or a separate room, IP ratings are important. There are different zones in the bathroom that can tolerate different levels of moisture, and one of those zones specifically surrounds the sink, mirror and any lights that may go above it.
  • There are four lighting zones in the bathroom. The area above the mirror is known as ZONE 2 that includes lights that are directly above the shower or bath. It also covers the radius of the sink, so it is relevant here. This zone needs an IP rating of at least IP44.
  • If you are renovating your bathroom or are using dressing room mirror lights commercially, the appearance is as important as the illumination. There are a variety of styles to choose from, including simple industrial modern bar style lights, lights with exposed bulbs or lights with little beams that shine direct illumination down onto the dressing area. Depending on the style of your space, you’ll want to choose one that works accordingly.
  • If you want your lights to outlast the years, you must choose high-quality materials especially when you are looking to put lights above a mirror in your bathroom. One of the best materials for this is aluminium. This particular metal is best for resisting wear and tear over time and doesn’t easily show signs of damage.
  • Finally, decide on the finish you’d like. Black finishes are good for incorporating into modern spaces when you want to keep things minimalistic. This colour is neutral enough to work well with any existing bathroom style. Conversely, you could go for something that stands out a little more, such as shining chrome finishes.

No matter if you are installing dressing room mirror lights above a bathroom sink or a standalone full mirror, we offer some of the best LED mirror lights around. Shop our selection and find your perfect fit today.

LWA195 6 Watt Black LED Mirror Light

LWA195 6 Watt LED Mirror Light

LWA190 9 Watt Black LED Over Mirror Light

LWA190 9 Watt Black LED Mirror Light

LWA193 6 Watt Black Dressing Room Mirror Light

LWA193 6 watt black dressing room mirror lights

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