How to Use Decorative Mirror Lights in The Bathroom

Decorative mirror lights – A mirror is an important feature of your bathroom. Whether you are grooming yourself or getting ready for work, the mirror is responsible for letting you check that you look your best. Since the mirror plays such an important role in your appearance, ensuring it is well-lit is important. If you are trying to get ready in a room that is too dark, you might miss a few details of your appearance that you otherwise would have fixed.

Hollywood-style mirror lights and other such decorative mirror lights are a great choice for this purpose. Instead of relying on an overhead light that doesn’t quite provide enough illumination to reach where it needs it to, you can enjoy dedicated lighting that will make grooming tasks easier. When it comes to a dressing room mirror light in the bathroom, you need to take into account the various zones in the bathroom.

What are the lighting zones in the bathroom?

Different areas of the bathroom have different requirements in terms of IP rating. Below, you can find where the sink falls in these ratings:

  • ZONE 0. In zone 0, the lights will be fully submerged in water. This zone usually houses lights in a wet room floor or inside of a bath. Because of the direct contact with water, they need an IP rating of IP67.
  • ZONE 1. In this zone are lights placed directly above the shower or bath. These lights are constantly exposed to moisture and steam. Because of this, they will also need a rating of IP67.
  • ZONE 2. Zone 2 is thought to be the most common lighting zone in a bathroom. This is also where you are likely to place your mirror lights. Usually, this zone will cover the perimeter of zone 2, as well as the radius of the sink. This area will require a light that has at least an IP44 rating.
  • ZONE 3. The final zone falls anywhere outside of the above areas in locations where jet water cannot reach. In some cases, you may also find that your new decorative mirror lights will end up here. There is no special lighting required in this section, but a minimum of IP20 is suggested.

Lighting zones for a bathroom

Choosing the Best Decorative Mirror Lights

  • Look for mirror lights, like Hollywood-style mirror lights, that suit your taste. There are many different types of decorative mirror lights to choose from, so pick one that best suits your bathroom.
  • IP RATING. Before moving on to the purchase, you should make sure that the light is one with a proper IP rating according to the bathroom zones. Depending on where this ends up being, you may need either an IP67 or IP44 rated light fixture.
  • Ensure the light is fabricated out of a hard-wearing material that won’t succumb to moisture.

Adding decorative mirror lights to your vanity area can not only add illumination but style as well. Keep this article close by when shopping for your new bathroom mirror lights; you can double-check on the lighting zones while considering the buying guide as well.

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