Square LED Downlights – Don’t Be Round Be a Beautiful Square

Square LED Downlights – LED downlights are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, colours, brightness etc. recessed downlights are available in square shapes which are different from the norm and as such provides a very classy and stylish aura to your home lighting. It is essential to consider choosing the right type of LED downlight shape so as to meet with you aesthetic demand for your project either at your home space or office space.

If you are looking for something different from those available on the market, in order to create different feel to your personal space square LED downlights offer something a little bit extra to what the conventional LED recessed downlights would offer. The square LED downlights comes in different designs, model, brightness and ratings.

The square LED downlight is a unique LED recessed downlight which comes in an extra slim line bezel and sometimes with deep dual black duffel bag which helps reduce the brightness of the light or the glare. Some square LED downlights also come with a unique feature of a concealed ring to allow for easy lamp changing. Square LED downlights are right and proper for plasterboard ceilings and some of this square LED downlights can tilt up to 35 degrees and even rotate a full 360 degrees

Square LED Downlights How To Use Them as a Feature

The square LED downlight is a novel innovation for Led downlights which also delivers superior performance and efficient energy conservation. These square downlights can be used anywhere form the living room to the bed room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, office space etc. Just like the Led recessed downlights, they also have a high performance luminaire and different colour temperatures of these downlights are available to fit your preference.

Square LED downlights are the butter and wine of lighting. They have occupied an important and play a vital role in the aesthetic design, style and class of many UK homes in recent times, not only because they serve as the basis of a good lighting plan but because of their uniqueness. The square LED downlights main purpose is to provide high performance lighting throughout the home or office space. But you can’t help marvel at the artistic style and taste it brings to your personal space. Consequently, it is without question very important to get the square downlights that would not only perform well, but would also be reliable and durable.

The first vital quality to look out for in your purchase of square LED downlights is the brightness quality. It is essential that you are aware that unlike conventional light bulbs that are measured in wattage, the square LED downlights is measured in lumens. Lumens measures the total light output from the light source, while wattage measures how much energy is consumed to generate a certain amount of light output. The adequate brightness level should be considered based on the features of the room the square downlights would be fitted, such as the size and height of the room.

Another essential observation you should make sure not to overlook is the manufacturer’s warranty. Almost as necessary as considering the brightness level of the square LED downlight is the manufacturer’s warranty; because this would give you an insight into how long the manufacturer estimates the light bulb would last. This can essentially in the long run save you extra cost from having to always hire an electrician to fix or replace a damaged squared downlight.

Why you should buy the best quality recessed LED downlights

In addition, a further consideration to take in is the build quality of the square LED downlight; make sure you are getting the most value for your money within your budget. If faced with either choosing an aluminum heat sink or a plastic heat sink at the same budget limit, opt for the heat sink with the aluminum build as this would ensure better heat dissipation and durability of the downlight.

You should determine whether you want your square LED downlight to a fixed frame, gimble frame or a combination of both. Fixed frame works best in office spaces or living room or generally areas that are well suited for general lighting. While the gimble frame can be adjusted and this frame are better suited for areas where task lighting would be needed such as the kitchen or study area. The gimble frames are a bit more expensive than the fixed frames.

More importantly, you should decide whether or not you would need a dimmable technology accompanied with the square LED downlights. Dimmable technology is not a necessity, what dimmers does is affords you the opportunity to be able to adjust the level of light output in your personal space. This ensures you are able to control the light ambience in your personal space.

The square LED downlights comes in a variety of versions which include;

  •          Twin: The twin square LED downlights are Led downlights which are rectangular in shape and contain two square downlights in them. They ensure that your home or office has the ambience of a modern design.
  •          Triple: The triple square LED downlights is similar to the twin downlights. The triple downlights contain a row of  three downlights which are square in shape. The lights are often usually adjustable; this affords you the option to direct each of the squares LED downlights to any area of your choice.
  •          Quads: The quads square LED downlight is available in a two by two formation or rectangular in a row or column of four.

CSL024 5 Watt Square LED Downlights

CSL024 5 watt suare black recessed LED downlight- Anti glare LED downlight

LDC961 12 Watt Modular Square LED Downlights

LDC961 12 watt recessed modular LED downlight fitting

LDC979B 5 Watt Brushed Aluminium Square LED Downlights

LDC979B 5 watt brushed aluminium square LED downlights

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