Recessed Spotlights Energy Efficient Lighting For Your Home

Recessed spotlights – Many homes and businesses across the UK and around the world are choosing recessed spotlights as their preferred lighting in kitchens, hotel lobbies, restaurant dining rooms, and bars and pubs. Often called recessed downlights or downlighters. Downlights are a great form of general lighting for larger areas while leaving your ceiling looking neat and clean.

Why Use Recessed Spotlights In The Home

These lights sit flush with the ceiling so there is no fixtures to dust while bathing the entire room with soft lighting.

Downlighters are place at intervals over the entire ceiling providing lighting for the entire room. Many homes and businesses choose LED downlights do to the various benefits of this type of lighting. Here are some of the benefits of LED downlights:

  • Energy Efficient- Led recessed spotlights are extremely energy efficient. These lights are about 80% more energy efficient than other types of lighting. When you are talking about a dozen or more lights that can result in a lot of savings on your energy bill.
  • Long Lasting- LED downlights are long lasting. These lights will give you 20,000 hours of light or more before they need to be changed. When you use these lights for 8 hours a day or less these lights should last you three years or more. In comparison LED lights last 6 times longer or more than other traditional lighting options.
  • Low Maintenance- LED lighting requires very little maintenance since there are no light bulbs that need to be changed. When you consider that larger rooms have 20 recessed spotlights or more this can save you or your maintenance staff a lot of time and effort.
  • LED Recessed Spotlights Are Safer Than Traditional Lighting Options- Unlike traditional lighting options that wastes much of it’s power in manufacturing heat, LED lighting tends to give off very little heat making these lights safer to touch than other types of lighting.
  • LED Lights Don’t Emit Any UV Rays- Since LED lights do not emit any UV rays they can be used in rooms containing UV sensitive items such as light work without causing any damage to the items.
  • LED Downlighters Are Good for The Environment- LED recessed spotlights uses less power than more traditional lights reducing the demand on power plants and decreasing greenhouse emissions. In addition, LED lights contain no toxic elements and are 100% recyclable so they won’t add to the waste in your landfill.
  • Less Lights Needed- LED lights are brighter than traditional lighting and they distribute the light better focusing the light in one direction.

Tips For Installing Your LED Lighting

LED spotlights need to be hard wired directly into your 240 electric main. This requires the installation to be done by a qualified electrician for both your and your business’s or home’s safety. Look for an electrician who has previous experience installing LED lighting.

If you are looking for energy efficient recessed spotlights for your home then LED downlights is the way to go.

CSL022 5 Watt Recessed LED Spotlights

CSL022 5 watt modern recessed spotlights

LDC927A 9 Watt Black And Silver LED Spotlight

LDC927A 9 watt silver and black recessed spotlights

LDC321 24 Watt Twin Modular LED Downlight

LDC321 24 watt twin modular recessed spotlights

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