What Are Recessed Adjustable Downlights

Recessed adjustable downlights are perfect for providing ambient lighting in many rooms of your home or businesses. LED downlights are often used in kitchen and bathrooms in homes, in lobbies and conference rooms of businesses and hospitals, in hotel lobbies, hallways and in many shops.

There are even mini recessed adjustable downlights that are small enough to fit under cabinets to provide lighting to counter tops.

LED ceiling spotlights are ultra modern looking and stylish. The great thing about recessed adjustable downlights is that the head of these lights can be tilted to better direct the light at darker areas of the rooms.

Features of Recessed Adjustable Downlights

Unlike some of the more traditional lighting options that take a moment to warm up before the light actually comes on LED downlights comes on immediately after you flip on the switch. The color of these lights is close to natural and normally comes in cool or warm white light. And installation of LED downlights is fast and flexible when done by a licensed professional electrician. You can also install as many downlights as needed to evenly cover your ceiling and provide light for an entire room.

In addition, LED lights only use a fraction of the energy that more traditional lighting uses. These lights use only 20% to 50% of the energy that other lights use. This energy savings reduces the demand on local utility companies, which is good for the environment as well as saving you money on your energy bills.

LED lighting also lasts much longer than more traditional lighting with these lights lasting 20,000, 50,000, and 70,000 hours or more. At a minimum these lights last between 10 and 20 times longer than incandescent light bulbs and at least 3 times longer than fluorescent light bulbs. These lights will last you years before they need to be changed. Over time, the longevity of these lights with also save you additional money since you won’t be constantly purchasing light bulbs to replace the ones that burn out.

Recessed adjustable downlights are low maintenance. Since these lights can last years before they need changed you won’t have to constantly being climbing up and down on ladders to change light bulbs. In addition, since climbing ladders can pose a safety hazard, you are saved from assuming on that risk of climbing up and down a ladder on a more or less regular basis since there will be numerous downlights that need to be changed.

LED recessed adjustable downlights are 100% recyclable so there are no parts of these lights that will end up into a local landfill.

Best of all LED-ceiling spotlights are very affordable. While these lights do cost a little bit more initially than traditional lighting, when you consider the energy savings and the fact that you won’t have to continually buy and replace light bulbs. Everything considered in the long run LED lighting would end up costing less than more traditional lighting options.


LDC702 10 Watt Tilting Recessed LED Downlight

LDC702 10 watt twin gimbal tilting LED ceiling spotlight

LDC961 12 Watt Square Recessed Adjustable Downlight

LDC961 12 watt square recessed adjustable downlights

LDC322 36 Watt Triple Recessed Adjustable Downlights

LDC322 12 watt triple recessed adjustable downlights


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