LED Spot Downlight – Powerful Recessed Ceiling Lights

An LED Spot Downlight is a light that uses the latest LED technology in a fixture that is normally mounted into or on the surface of a ceiling of a home or business. The light from this type of light normally shines directly downward which is how they get the name of downlights.

LED spot downlight fixtures are extremely popular especially for homes or businesses that have larger ceiling spaces and want or need uniform or brighter lighting. These lights come in basically two different types allowing you to choose from either surface mounted LED spot downlight or recessed ceiling lights. While both types of LED spot downlight serve their purpose recessed ceiling lights are the most popular especially in new builds or homes or businesses that have under gone a massive renovation.

What are Recessed LED Spot Downlight Fittings?

LED spot downlights are lights that are designed so that the actual light fixture is mounted up into the ceiling so only the light shows instead of both the light and the fixture. In order to mount these downlights holes are cut into the ceiling and the light fixture is fit into the hole. Once the lights are installed by a qualified electrician the ceiling itself is left looking uncluttered and fresh.

Benefits of Recessed LED Spot Downlights

There are several benefits of recessed LED Spot Downlights including:

  • LED spot downlight fittings are energy efficient- LED downlights can save you money because these lights are extremely energy efficient. These lights waste very little energy and are brighter than more traditional lighting options, requiring fewer lights to provide the same amount of light. This results in you using less energy and saving money.
  • Long Lasting- LED downlights are long lasting giving you 20,000 hours of lights without you ever having to change a light bulb.
  • Low Maintenance- LED spot downlights require very little maintenance because there is no fixtures showing that need to dusted and no light bulbs that need to be changed.
  • LED spot downlights can be adjustable- recessed ceiling lights can come stationary or be adjustable so they can be tilted to place the light exactly where you need it the most.

Ultra Beam Lighting LTD Your Recessed Downlight Lighting Company

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting LTD we have been making high quality lighting for 20 years. Our LED Spot Downlights are made using the highest quality materials and the latest LED technology in order to provide you with great quality lighting at an extremely reasonable cost.

We offer a nice selection of both stationary and adjustable recessed ceiling lights for you to choose from for your home or business. Our lighting is used in homes and businesses throughout the UK including several popular chain hotels.

When having downlights or any other lights installed in your home or business please make sure that the installation is completed by a qualified electrician.

Please take a few minutes to browse our website and speak to our online representative or give us a call at 0800-678-5156.

CSL022 5 Watt Recessed LED Spotlight Downlights

CSL022 5 watt recessed LED spot downlight

LDC202 18 Watt 225mm Diameter Slim Fitting Downlights

LDC202 18 watt ultra slim recessed LED spot downlight

LDC322 Triple 36 Watt Modular LED Downlight

LDC322 36 watt modular recessed LED spot downlight

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