LED Recessed Lighting Fixtures

LED recessed lighting fixtures have become increasingly popular in recent years. Known as LED downlights this type of lighting is most often used in large spaces as general lighting. The main features of LED lighting fixtures include:

  • The actual fixtures of the lights are recessed up into the ceiling space so that only the light itself and a frame around it are visible to the eye.
  • Most LED spotlights are adjustable so that you can direct the beam of light where you need it the most.
  • LED recessed lighting leaves your ceiling looking clean and smooth.

You will most likely see LED recessed light fittings used in kitchens, lobbies, conference rooms, and even warehouses. LED lighting fixtures come in both round and square shapes and when placed in the ceiling the actual number of lights will depend on the size of the room and how closely together you want the lights to be placed to one another.CSL022-RG 5 Watt LED downlight

LED recessed downlights blend in with your room’s décor rather than become part of your décor.

LED downlights are hard wired directly into your 240 volt lighting main, which means that you need to hire the assistance of a professional licensed electrician to wire your lights for you.

There are a number of benefits to LED downlights including:

  • Energy Efficient- LED is extremely energy efficient. LED recessed lighting fixtures only use between 20% and 50% of the energy those more traditional lighting uses. When you are using these lights for a large area like a warehouse or hotel lobby, energy efficiency becomes very important since these lights not only reduces the demand on the local energy company, but also saves money for your business. These lights are a cost effective way of adequately lighting large areas.
  • LED Downlights are Long Lasting- Another benefit of LED recessed lighting fixtures is that these lights last anywhere from 20,000 to 70,000 hours before they need to be changed. The longevity of these ceiling lights is extremely important because of the fact that these lights are mounted up into the ceiling and changing light bulbs every few weeks can be a real hassle and a bit dangerous since you need to use a ladder for changing each and every light bulb. However, when you use long lasting LED recessed lighting fixtures you will be able to go years without changing lights.
  • LED Recessed Lighting Fixtures Are Affordable- LED is more affordable than ever before. Although the cost of these lights is a few dollars more initially than traditional lighting they more than make up for that initial cost over time. First, because these lights use less energy they will save you money on your energy bill. In addition, LED lights do not use any light bulbs so you also save money on the cost of those light bulbs, making these lights more affordable than traditional lighting options in the long run.

With all of these benefits why not choose LED recessed lighting fixtures for your modern day downlights. ?

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