Convert Your Home to LED Recessed Ceiling Spotlights

LED recessed ceiling spotlights have become quite popular in recent years for use in homes, office buildings, stores, shopping centre’s, and hotel lobbies. With the growing technology in LED lighting these type of downlights have gone from cutting edge to increasing common.

LED Downlights Have Many Benefits Over Other Types of Ceiling Lights.

These benefits include:

  • Downlight fittings are all recessed into the ceiling giving your ceiling and therefore your room a cleaner and fresher look.
  • LED recessed ceiling spotlights can provide full coverage for large spaces.
  • An LED downlighter requires less maintenance than standard ceiling lights since there is less of the light that needs dusting and LED light bulbs need to be changed far less often that traditional light bulbs.
  • LED downlights are environmentally friendly and more energy efficient that other types of downlights.

Are LED Recessed Ceiling Spotlights Really Better Than Halogen Spotlights?

In the late 1990s and early 2000 Halogen recessed ceiling spotlights were an extremely popular downlight. Which makes it only natural that many people wonder if LED recessed ceiling spotlights are really better than halogen downlights. The answer to that questions is yes. There are many reasons why LED downlights are much better than Halogen spotlights for your home or business. These reasons include:

  • LED Downlights are Safer. Halogen downlights create a great deal of heat with temperatures of these lights and their downlight fittings reaching temperatures up to 300 degrees C. Should these lights or their fittings come in contact with combustible materials the risk of fire is highly likely and has been known to occur. Since LED downlights produce very little or no heat, then the risk of fire danger is almost non-existant.
  • LED Recessed Ceiling Spotlights are More Energy Efficient. LED downlights are more energy efficient than Halogen spotlights, meaning you will save more money on your energy bill.
  • LED Downlights Require Less Maintenance than Halogen Downlights. Since LED downlights are longlasting than Halogen lights they require far less maintenance. When you consider that downlight fittings are recessed into the ceiling this normally means that you will need a at least a small step stool or ladder to stand on when changing the light bulb. This makes it far more convenient and less labor intensive to have LED ceiling downlights than Halogen downlights.

Ultra Beam Lighting Offers You Ultra Modern LED Recessed Ceiling Spotlights

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting we offer a nice selection of Ultra Modern LED recessed ceiling downlights. We use the very latest LED technology in designing and manufacturing our downlights. We are so sure of the quality of our lights that we offer a 3 year guarantee for our lighting, which is much longer than other lighting companies will offer.

When having downlights installed in your home or business make sure that you hire the services of a qualified electrician to install your lighting for you.

Should you want to order our downlights give us a call at 0800-678-5156.

CSL022 5 Watt Round LED Recessed Downlights

CSL022 5 watt recessed LED downlight fitting - Anti glare ceiling LED downlight

LDC201 12 Watt 173mm Ultra Slim LED Downlights

LDC201 12 watt ultra slim recessed ceiling LED downlight

LDC927 9 Watt White Gimbal Tilting LED Downlight

LDC927A 9 watt white gimbal tilting LED recessed ceiling spotlights

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