LED Downlights – What You Need To Know Before Spending Your Money

LED downlights – In these modern economic times where we are all on a budget cap on expenses we can undertake, with the energy bills continuously on the rise. Home owners try as much as possible to limit the amount of energy they consume so as to cut down on energy bills. One of the areas home owners take into consideration is the kind of lighting that they fit in their homes and workplaces, this can go a long way in drastically cut down on the amount being spent on energy consumption. To do this we would have to totally phase out the conventional, inefficient fluorescent light bulbs in favour of LED light bulbs. And one option that is increasingly becoming popular among home owners and in the workplace is LED downlights.

How Do LED Downlights Work?

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) downlights are the cutting edge and most thrilling technological innovation in the lighting industry. LED recessed downlights are miniature, reliable light bulbs which are tremendously energy economical and efficient as well as long lasting. Their operation, capability and function is different from that of the conventional fluorescent light bulbs. This makes LED downlighters far more robust and resilient, thereby making it the more viable option than the conventional fluorescent light bulbs.

Most home owners opt for the LED downlight fitttings as a better alternative to the conventional fluorescent light bulbs. When they are compared with other LEDs and conventional light bulbs or any other energy saving light bulb fixture used in illuminating homes and workplaces, what is being found out is that LED downlights are a much cheaper option. The LED downlights technology, is tested and trusted and has been proven to make an affirmative contribution to energy efficiency and also environmental protection. As with other LED lights fixtures, they are increasingly growing not only in popularity but also in the various other benefits that are accrued to it.

If you are new to the world of LED downlights and its technological advancement, here are some significant benefits to convince you.

How Much Energy Can LED Downlights Save

LED downlights are unarguably more efficient than the conventional fluorescent light bulbs. They use only a fraction of what the conventional light bulbs uses. To put this in perspective, the conventional fluorescent light bulbs have an estimated life span of not more than 1000 hours, but the LED downlights has an estimated life span of 20,000 hours. This is an astronomical difference. This means that you can save up to 90% on energy bills, this transmutes having less expenses and more money in your wallet.

Environmental friendly

As a result of emitting less energy than the convention light bulbs, LED downlights produce less greenhouse emissions and creates less landfill because they last much longer than the traditional light bulbs. they do not contain mercury and in addition, provides UV and IR free lighting that ensures that insects are not attracted to the light. In addition to that, LED downlights are recyclable because they come in a number of separable components.


LED downlights are typically installed into the ceiling, this allows you to be more creative and flexible with your design as well as affording you the liberty to assemble your interior lighting to fit your taste and needs. In furtherance to this, they can be found in numerous colours allowing you full control of how a particular section in your home is lit.


One of the essential advantages the LED downlights has over the conventional light bulb is its safety. The conventional light bulbs heats up easily and may pose the risk of potential fire hazard as a result of the heat it emits. To put this in perspective is when you stand under the conventional light bulb; you can almost always feel the heat without even touching it. Installing the LED downlights in your home reduces the risk of a fire hazard.

Long lifespan and low maintenance

Recessed LED downlights are estimated to have a lifespan of about 20,000 hours, almost 20 times longer than the conventional light bulb estimated life span of 1000 hours. Pragmatically speaking, an LED downlights that is turned on for 6 hours every day in your home would last an approximately 23 years. And at the workplace where they  are turned for an average of 12 hours every day, the LED downlights would last for nearly 12 years.

Despite the fact that they are more expensive than the conventional light bulb at the initial purchase, the maintenance cycle of the LED downlights over that of the conventional light bulbs reduces drastically, and with much less replacement and maintenance expenses in the long run.

The LED ceiling downlights can be invented to enhance any purpose in the home or workplace. LED downlighters are used for several reasons and used with various applications and many of them are indispensable and key. These basic uses include;

  • It is being used in the everyday modern kitchen to add sophistication while also ensuring it looks bright and beautiful.
  1. It is used in the living room for an alluring attraction, to depict taste and class and also to improve the interiors of the home and give it a more glamorous look.
  • Home owners also use LED downlights in the bathroom to give a much brighter and artistic view.

In addition, most home owners now increasingly opt for LED downlights because they have some essential features;

  • Multipurpose uses and can be fixed anywhere in the home or workplace
  • Have a sleek exterior and also give plentiful volume of illumination
  • Picturesque and as such add glamour and class to the home
  • They can be used singularly to emit a robust amount of lighting or used together to create an overall ambience

Our LED downlights are rated to last up to 20,000 hours, comes with a 3-year warranty and you can be sure of getting the best price available as we pride ourselves as a price beater guarantee firm. Why not visit us today and give your home that sleek, stylish and serene look.

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CSL022 5 Watt recessed LED downlights

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LDC961 12 watt single modular LED Downlights

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