Why You Must Use IP65 LED Downlights In Wet Areas

IP65 LED downlights – When illuminating a bathroom, you have some extra factors that need to be taken into consideration as opposed to other rooms in a home. Bathrooms are wet by nature, meaning your lights will be at risk of moisture damage if you do not plan properly according to the bathroom’s lighting zones and the light’s IP ratings.

What are the lighting zones in the bathroom?

Below are the main lighting areas that you should get familiar with before choosing your bathroom LED downlights:

  • ZONE 0. In this zone are lights that are fully submerged in water and therefore in direct contact with it in a way lights in some other zones are not. This includes areas inside of a wet room floor or a bath. These lights require waterproof ratings to work.
  • ZONE 1. In zone one, you’ll find lights that are placed right above the shower or bath, meaning they will come into direct contact with steam and splashes. For this zone, waterproof lights are also necessary.
  • ZONE 2. Considered the most common lighting zone in the bathroom, this zone includes the perimeters of the zone 1 area as well as the radius of the sink. Here, you will need a minimum of an IP44 rating to be safe.
  • ZONE 3. Finally, this zone encompasses any space outside of the aforementioned areas where there is no risk of jet water reaching it. Though there is no special lighting requirement in this area, it is still recommended you choose waterproof LED downlights. More specifically, IP65 LED downlights.

How To Choose the Best IP65 LED Downlights

  • IP RATING. Before anything else, you’ll need to make sure that the lights you’re interested in will be safe from water damage in the bathroom. Look for the IP rating and choose IP65 LED downlights where you can to ensure best results and performance.
  • Choosing a material that doesn’t easily succumb to rust or other wear, such as aluminium and steel, will help you avoid having to replace your lights constantly.
  • After deciding on the above, you can choose the finish that is most attractive to you. Finishes for bathroom LED downlights are similar to those for lighting in any other room, such as black and white or metallic hues like gold, chrome, silver or even rose gold.

Lighting your bathroom requires extra planning than lighting other rooms in a home due to the fact that bathrooms are full of moisture. When choosing your bathroom lights, IP65 LED downlights are the best choice you can make in order to keep the lights from getting damaged. You can also use waterproof LED downlights outdoors without fear of damage from the elements.

In this article, we reviewed the lighting zones in the bathroom and what their IP rating requirements are. We also suggested a few things to keep in mind when shopping for your bathroom lights. As you browse our collection, keep this article near, so you remember what points to look out for.

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