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Downlight fittings – Ceiling downlights come in basically two different types. These types are either recessed or surface mounted. The difference between these two types of LED downlight is whether or not you can actually see the downlight fittings.

In recessed LED downlights the downlight fittings are not visible because the fittings are up in the ceiling so that only the light portion of the light and the ring is visible when you look at the light. Recessed lighting leaves the surface of your ceiling smooth and fresh looking.

In surface mounted LED downlights the lights are flush with the surface of the ceiling so that the downlight fittings are all visible.

Which is Best: Recessed or Surface Mounted Downlights

If you are considering purchasing LED downlights for your home or business you may be wondering whether recessed or surface mounted downlights are best. Both of these lights have their benefits and which type of downlight you choose will depend on a number of things.

  • New Build or Remodel- If you are building a new home or building or doing extensive remodeling and want a cleaner and fresher looking ceiling then recessed lighting is actually the better choice. However, if you are simply planning on adding downlights to your existing building and don’t want to have to have a number of holes cut into your ceiling then surface mounted downlights are a better choice.
  • If you really feel that the downlight fittings are attractive and will add to your building’s décor then you may want to choose a surface mounted downlight so that the entire downlight fitting is visible.
  • If your budget is a worry then surface mounted downlights are cheaper to install then recessed downlights because you don’t need to work cut holes in your ceiling or work around wiring or two by fours.
  • If your home or building has lower ceilings then recessed downlights are a better choice, because surface mounted downlights makes you ceiling looking even shorter.

Before purchasing any downlight fittings you need to consider which type of downlight you want and will be best meet your needs. Here at Ultra Beam Lighting LTD we have a selection of both recessed and surface mounted LED downlights for you to choose from.

LED downlights are used in home kitchens and bathrooms, and commercial businesses such as hotel lobbies, conference rooms, warehouses and more.

LED downlight fittings offer a number of different benefits including:

  • Provides long-lasting light- Our LED lights provides 20,000 hours of light making our lights long lasting, which is a huge benefits for downlights.
  • Extremely energy efficient- LED downlights save on energy taking less energy to run than most other types of lighting.
  • Low maintenance- LED lighting takes very little maintenance since there are no light bulbs to change.
  • Good for the environment- LED lighting is environmentally friendly since these lights are 100% recyclable.

Make sure that your downlights are installed by licensed electrician.

Please take a few minutes to browse our website or speak to our online representative. You can also give us a call at 0800-678-5156.

CSL022 5 Watt Recessed LED Downlights

CSL022 5 watt recessed round LED downlight fittings

CSL024 5 Watt Square Recessed LED Downlights

CSL024 square 5 watt recessed LED downlight fittings

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