Chrome Downlights – Beautiful Bling For The Ceiling

Interior chrome downlights make an attractive addition to your home’s décor while providing overall lighting for any room in your home or business. Interior downlights may be either surfaced mounted or recessed and used in any room in your home as well as hotel lobbies, conference rooms, offices and many more areas. Here is a look at two different types of chrome downlights.

What Different Types of Chrome Downlights Are Available

Surface Mounted Chrome Downlights

Surface mounted downlights are spotlights that are mounted on the ceiling with the beam of light shining downwards to the floor. With surface mounted downlights the light fixtures for these lights become a part of the rooms décor. Surface mounted downlights are often used in pre-existing buildings where owners don’t want to go to the expense of putting recessed lighting into the building. They are also used in buildings that have cement or concrete ceilings or when the owner wants the light fixtures to show as part of the overall décor.

Recessed Chrome Downlights

Recessed chrome downlights serve the same function as surface mounted downlights with the exception that the light fixtures are mounted up into the ceiling so that the only thing your see is the light itself and the edge around the light. Recessed downlights presents a cleaner look to your ceiling, but does require that a series of holes be cut into your ceiling in order to mount the light fixture up into the ceiling void. Recessed downlights are most often used in new builds and in places where the owners don’t want the light fixtures protruding from the ceiling.

How to Choose Between Different Downlight Lighting Options

Interior downlights come in LED lighting or the more traditional lighting options. People who choose traditional downlights do so because they are familiar with this type of lighting and see little or not reason to change. Those who choose LED lighting normally do because of the benefits that LED lighting offers. These benefits include:

  • LED Downlights are energy efficient- Depending on the size of the area where you are placing your chrome downlights you will need a dozen of these lights or more to properly light an area. Since LED downlights are extremely energy efficient, using 50% or less of the energy of more traditional lighting these lights can save you some money on your electric bill.
  • LED downlights are long-lasting- Unless you enjoy climbing on a ladder every few weeks to change light bulbs in your downlights you will love the fact the LED downlights can provide 20,000 hours of continuous light before they need to be changed. This means years of maintenance free lighting and no ladders required.
  • LED downlights burn cooler- Traditional lighting gives off heat as a form of waste, when you have dozens of lights all giving off heat in an area these lights can heat up a room by several degrees. Since LED lights do not give off excess heat they won’t heat up a room allowing you maintain a set temperature easier.

LED downlights do need to be installed by a qualified licensed electrician for your and your buildings safety.

CSL022 5 Watt Polished Chrome LED Downlights

CSL022 5 watt polished chrome downlights

CSL024 5 Watt Square Polished Chrome LED Downlights

CSL024 5 watt square polished chrome downlights

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