Ceiling Downlights – How To Give Your Home Ambience

Ceiling downlights are a special brand LED downlights that are mounted or installed in the ceiling. The installation of ceiling downlights is basic and very convenient. LED downlights can be installed on the ceiling in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and even office space. This type of downlights are fitted directly in the ceiling and they give the room an ambience of simplicity, style and a more serene feeling.

Ceiling Downlights How to Choose The Best For Your Room

LED downlights have been in use for a long while and are easily the preferred choice of downlights because of the technological advancement which have enhanced their sleek design and energy efficiency making them amongst the most preferred LED alternatives. The technological advancement of ceiling downlights is becoming more sophisticated and physically smaller. LED downlights which are installed directly on the ceiling is becoming increasing popular in homes and office spaces, not only do they offer the brightest light output they also conserve sufficient energy.

As the market continues to be swamped with a variety of ceiling downlight options and as such increasingly difficult to decide on the best choice to go for. At Ultra Beam Lighting we offer the very best downlights available in the market and at the best price rate, but we have also tried to narrow down the options available for you so as to be able to pick the best brand by following these tips:

Tips for Choosing the Best LED Ceiling Downlights

1.       Buy fire rated ceiling downlights: Do you need these to comply with building regulations? Our range of LED downlights are compatible with all types of firehoods on the market.

2.       IC rating: IC is the acronym for Insulation Contact. The IC rating is a measurement to determine if the ceiling downlight is suitable to be installed in your home or office space. When determining on which downlight to go for, opt for a ceiling downlight with IC or IC-F rating as this ensures the ceiling downlight is bordered and directly enclosed with insulation.

3.       IP rating: IP is the acronym for Ingress Protection. The IP rating categorises the ceiling downlight fixture’s degree of protection against solids and liquids. Ceiling downlights with IP ratings of 44 and above susceptible to water such as bathroom or swimming pool areas or even outdoors as a result of rain and other liquids.

4.       Warranty: do not disregard the warranty information. Whenever possible always opt for ceiling downlights with the longest warranty. It can potentially save you cost from having to always call in an electrician to hardwire and replace he ceiling downlights in the event of failure. At Ultra Beam Lighting, our ceiling downlights are guaranteed to last up to 20,000 hours and comes with a 3 year warranty. Wouldn’t you rather purchase your ceiling downlights from us?

5.       Just like the LED recessed downlight, the ceiling downlights can be installed anywhere from the bathroom to living room and bedroom etc., but unlike the LED recessed downlight the ceiling downlights has a different installation method. When installing ceiling downlights, most home owners prefer to do it themselves, so if you prefer the do it yourself (DIY) method, ensure you follow these guidelines:

i.            identify the location where you want the ceiling downlights installed – and turn off the power source

ii.          use the template provided by the manufacturer to transfer the opening for each components of the fixture to the                        ceiling

iii.         drill a hole in the ceiling and them proceed to saw cut  a hole according to the cut out diameter for the ceiling                              downlight to fit the ceiling down light into the ceiling

iv.          connection method: you can connect the brown and blue line of the ceiling downlight to the live and neutral line of                  the main supply or twist the ceiling downlight base into the lamp holder

v.           pull cable from the power source to the ceiling downlight and leave some extra inches of wire to give enough slack to                wire new fixtures

vi.         wire the ceiling downlight to the power source

vii.        retract the outward spring of the ceiling downlight hanging out to fit perfectly into the hole cut in the ceiling

viii.       turn power on to test the light

Ensure to take adequate precaution when installing ceiling downlights in your personal space if you are installing it yourself:

  • ·         check the lamp carefully before installing and strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • ·         ensure the power source is switched off before wiring and installing
  • ·         avoid retro fitting the ceiling downlight within the warranty period
  • ·         do not install the ceiling downlight outside of the required voltage
  • ·         when in doubt consult a qualified electrical technician

Ceiling downlights can improve and complement the traditional walls perfectly. Ceiling downlights creates an excellent in your space whether you are at home or at the office. Ultra Beam Lighting ceiling downlights adds the much needed preference, class and elegance to your home or office space.

Installing Ultra Beam Lighting ceiling lights can help set the ambience to your home and office space, by highlighting the precious objects in your home; it brings a glittering aura to your personal space. The sleek designs of the variety of ceiling downlights we have in our stock will certainly enhance the interior decoration of your bedroom, living room or office or wherever you decide to use it, while the soothing would bring a truly fulfilling satisfying experience.

The tilt able option of the ceiling downlights would enable you highlights those precious objects, wall hangings or paintings in your personal space.

LDC962 24 Watt Twin Modular Ceiling Downlights

LDC962 24 watt modular twin ceiling downlights

LDC979B 5 Watt Brushed Aluminium Ceiling Downlights

LDC979B 5 watt square silver LED ceiling downlights

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