Adjustable LED Downlights – Unique Flexibility With Your Lighting Scheme

Adjustable LED downlights are just as the name implies, adjustable. This type of LED downlights affords you the opportunity to be able to alter or vary the angle of the downlights as well as focus illumination on a particular object or part of the room you would want to be illuminated.

The adjustable LED downlight is great for people who want to really for people who would love to really put up a spotlight or place emphasis on a particular spot or object in the room. The adjustable LED downlights can also be used by home owners or in office spaces to make the focal point of things or draw attention to objects such as artworks and painting in your personal space. Another great option where the adjustable LED downlights can be installed to achieve a great result is when it is mounted on a slanted ceiling where you can just adjust the direction of the downlights to come down at an angle that you would prefer it does.

Advantages of adjustable LED downlights

Adjustable LED downlights are increasingly becoming popular among home owners and for good reasons also, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, where you would need the lights concentrated on a particular object or spot. If deliberately decided upon, carefully chosen and installed in the correct numbers and right spots, adjustable LED downlights given a gentle, uniform and shadow free lighting to your personal space.

The adjustable LED downlights like other LED downlights is an efficient energy saving light bulb. Just like other downlights adjustable LED downlights are constructed in the same way as other downlights. It is mounted in the ceiling in the same ways as the conventional LED recessed downlights and typically has the same type of lamp retainer.

The main difference between the adjustable LED downlights and the other types of LED recessed downlights is that the center of the fitting for the adjustable downlights can be tilted or altered allowing adjustment of the spotlight beam. The adjustable LED downlights can be an advantage if you want the light to be directed towards the kitchen worktop, dining table, reading table or wherever you want the light fixated upon.

How Many LED downlights Do you Need?

Most people usually ask the question: how many downlights do I need? This is one of the most frequently asked questions. There is no hard or fast rule and the amount of adjustable LED downlights may be different depending on the shape and size of the room and the reason to which the adjustable light is being installed. As a general tip, for ambient in a rectangular room, the adjustable LED downlights should be between 1.6m to 2m apart in every direction in the room.

Before making a decision on where to install the adjustable LED downlights it is essential to find out where the ceiling beams run. Once you have been able to establish where the ceiling beams run, it would become clear where to mount the adjustable LED downlights. It is important to keep the downlights about 1m away from the way any closer to the wall the adjustable downlights will run straight down on the wall and the light would cause the illumination of every imperfection of the wall even on newly plastered wall as well.

Adjustable downlights allows you to direct the lighting in your home or office space into a different direction that you prefer other than the downlights just illuminating downwards. Although adjustable LED downlights cost a little bit more when compared with conventional LED recessed downlights but because it the illumination can be altered to focus on a specific object, painting or particular spot in the room, it has an added advantaged over the recessed downlights and they usually have a larger cut size than the recessed downlights.

There is also a model of the adjustable LED downlight that is a combination of bathroom downlights and an adjustable downlight all in one. It is a bathroom downlight because it has an IP rating (ingress Protection rating); the IP ensures that the downlights is protected if it is to be mounted in places well the downlights would be prone to water. Although there are not many of this model available, but at Ultra Beam Lighting we offer you a variety of adjustable LED downlights to fit your needs. We also have in our stock adjustable LED downlights that fire rated.

Fire rated adjustable downlights are downlights that have met the ratings to ensure that the downlights is protected from power surge or any other elements that could result to a fire out break form the downlights. A fire rated adjustable LED downlights has a distinctive element called an intumescent strip attached to it. This strip ensures that in the case of fire, the high temperature causes a chemical reaction which allows the strip to expand and the bridge the hole that has been cut in the ceiling thereby stopping the spread of fire between floors.

In addition, the adjustable LED downlights can be used also as a LED spotlight. A spot light is an installed light fitting that has more than one or more lights on that are essentially made to be fixated on a particular object or in a particular position. Most adjustable LED downlights come in mains voltage downlights or low voltage downlights. The mains voltage adjustable LED downlights is highly energy efficient, it is available in different color temperatures and is highly durable – with about 20,000 hour’s life time capacity.

The low voltage adjustable LED downlight does not mean that the downlight has low energy in fact it consumes more wattage than the mains voltage but it tends to last longer and it produces a crisper whiter light. The lows voltage requires a special type of dimmer to work efficiently. If in doubt on what to use for a better output in your home, then you should consult an electrician or visit us at Ultra Beam Lighting.

LDC926A 5 Watt Adjustable LED Downlight

LDC926A 5 watt LED downlight

Onyx 6 Watt IP65 Adjustable LED downlight

LDC335 Onyx 5 watt black IP65 recessed LED downlight

LDC320 12 Watt Single Modular Recessed LED Downlight

LDC320 12 watt modular adjustable LED downlights


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