Ceiling Light Fixture – How To Choose The Best For Your Home

Ceiling light fixture – The right ceiling light can make or break the overall look and feel of any given room. Pendant lighting does more than just light up a space and give it proper illumination; with modern ceiling lights, you can also dress up the appearance itself. Using lighting is one of the easiest ways to transform any space, and it comes down to simply choosing the right one depending on the style of your living room or dining room.

What Types of Pendant Ceiling Light Fixture Styles Are There?

Much like with any sort of light, pendant lights come in a variety of styles and types:

  • LAMPSHADE STYLE. For those who prefer something a little more familiar but still modern, lights with dome shapes are a good choice. They are particularly good for lining islands and breakfast bars to provide proper illumination and to use up that free space hanging above it.
  • BAR STYLE. Within this category, there are two types of lights to get even more specific. You can choose pendant bar lights that either run horizontally or vertically. Horizontal lights will shine light over a greater width of space, while vertical ones will often shine a light directly beneath while adding decorative style. These, in particular, are quite modern and considered minimalistic.
  • DROP LIGHTS. One of the most stylish and visually intriguing pendant lights are ones that hang down on chains and cables. They add plenty of depth and dimension to the space in a place that might otherwise look too empty without them.

How Do You Choose the Best Ceiling Light Fixtures?

There are a number of different elements to consider when you’re looking to install new pendant lights; they are as versatile and as diverse as other light fixtures and can be used just as creatively.

  • Choosing a finish can play a huge part in the overall appearance of your space. Some pendant lights come in typical neutral or metallic colours such as black, white and chrome. In particular, these hues are ideal for blending into the existing aesthetic of the space. Other lights come in vibrant colours like red or green that will help make the decor of the space pop to life.
  • In order to ensure the long life of the pendants you choose, paying attention to the material they are made of is crucial. Usually, you will want to look for ones that are crafted out of premium metal such as aluminium, as they are the most resistant to the passage of time.
  • As mentioned, pendant lights come in a number of different shapes and styles. Considering which one is best for your particular space is an important step in the rest of the selection process. It should be done toward the beginning of your shopping for that reason.

Pendant lights are a surefire way to dress up and properly illuminate any given space. We offer a variety of styles to choose from to ensure that you can find the best one for your particular lighting project.


LPL142A 20 Watt black linear pendant ceiling light

LPL142A LED pendant light - long pendant light

LPL221 9 Watt Black LED Pendant Ceiling Light

LPL221 LED pendant light - hanging pendant light

LPL204 20 Watt Brushed Silver LED Pendant Light

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