How to Use Ceiling Lights in a Bedroom

Modern bedroom ceiling lights have the ability to drastically improve the look and feel of your space. Besides adding ambient, broad lighting, LED bedroom ceiling lights can also improve the appearance and mood of the bedroom. In this article, we will discuss some of the best LED bedroom ceiling lights while also providing you with ideas for incorporating modern ceiling lights for bedroom spaces.


General Advice and Ideas on Buying Bedroom Ceiling Lighting

Ceiling LED lights for bedrooms oftentimes end up being the focal points. Therefore, it is important that you put special consideration into the lighting you choose when deciding the best bedroom ceiling lights for your space.

Some things to consider when it comes to your modern LED bedroom lights include:


  • STYLE – Be sure that you choose the best ceiling light for bedroom aesthetics that match your own. From minimalistic to industrial modern, there are ample options for you to choose from.
  • FINISH – Your bedroom lighting ceiling fixtures should have a finish that suits the mood. If you have a darker bedroom that you want to make feel larger and more open, choose finishes that are metallic. This can help redirect light all across the room.
  • LED LIGHTS – LED lights for room ceiling areas are increasing in popularity due to the many benefits that LED lights pose. From energy efficiency to their long-lasting lifespan, using modern bedroom lights with LED bulbs can bring you many benefits.
  • SIZE – Since these lights will be a key focus, choosing an LED ceiling light for bedrooms that makes a statement is a good idea. You can also accomplish this with a dramatic, single pendant light or recessed lighting.
  • LAYERING – The best light for bedroom ceilings is going to be one that works well with the other layers of lighting in your space. The ceiling light will serve as the ambient lighting and should pair well with the accent and task lighting in the space.
  • HIGH QUALITY MODERN CEILING LIGHTS – Bedroom lighting is likely to get used every single night. To ensure you don’t have to constantly replace bulbs and fixtures, be sure to choose well-made lights for a bedroom ceiling.
  • DIRECTIONAL LIGHTING – One of the benefits of an LED light for bedroom ceiling is the directionality of the bulb or bulbs. Take advantage of beam angles to create more dynamic lighting in your bedroom.
  • LESS CAN BE MORE – If you don’t want a lot of drama in your bedroom decor, simple bedroom ceiling lights are always an option. You can choose minimalistic lighting that blends easily into the space, such as recessed modern lights for bedroom


How To Use Recessed Downlights in a Bedroom

One of the most popular options for master bedroom ceiling lights is recessed lighting. This lighting sits inside the ceiling and runs flush with the ceiling itself, creating a minimalistic appearance. Recessed downlights make cool ceiling lights for bedrooms that prioritise modernity and minimalism above all.

Installing recessed downlights in your bedroom requires the same general guidelines as other types of lighting:


  • Avoid adding them too close to corners and edges to prevent them from casting shadows onto the walls.
  • Choose the appropriate brightness for the room by checking the lumen count.
  • Choose lights somewhere between 2,700k and 3,300k to ensure the most comfortable colour temperature.
  • Determine how many lights you will need by determining the square footage of the room and then dividing that number by two.
  • Ensure they are the best lighting option for bedroom ceilings that they can be by evenly spacing them apart from one another to create a symmetrical appearance.

Modern bedroom with wall lights and hanging pendant light

How To Use Pendant Lights in a Bedroom

Pendant lights are a good choice for those whose ceilings do not have the proper depth to house recessed lighting. There are many pendants for bedroom ceilings you can consider, and it’s certainly worth doing.

Hanging bedroom lights gives you plenty of opportunity to create a dynamic statement in your space due to their eye-catching designs. Some tips on installing these lights include:


  • Hang clusters of ceiling lights at different heights to give the room some depth.
  • Stick to odd numbers to give them a balanced look If you plan to place bedroom hanging lights over a desk or dresser.
  • Hang the ceiling bedroom lights eight to 12 inches from the ceiling.
  • Create a more dynamic look by hanging a long pendant lamp much lower than most ceiling lights would be.
  • Choose lighting with textured shades or unique finishes to catch the eye.
  • Avoid hanging the lights too close to the walls.
  • Don’t hang LED lights for bedroom ceilings over the bed. Instead, keep them toward the centre of the room or near the foot of the bed.


Ideas on Other Types of Lighting to Use in a Bedroom

When considering the best ceiling lights for bedrooms, you should also be thinking about the other layers of light your bedroom will need. This includes both task and accent lighting.

Task lighting is used for any location in the bedroom where activities are completed. Accent lighting, on the other hand, is reserved for areas you want to highlight and is also sometimes used to create mood.


Task Lighting

Task lighting comes in various forms. Commonly, you will see task lighting over writing desks in a bedroom or a small reading nook. You can use small, low-hanging pendant lights in this area to accomplish this, or you can opt for wall lights.

Master bedrooms that have vanity stations in them can also benefit from dedicated task lighting. This can help you get ready for the day with greater ease and clarity.

Among the most popular types of bedroom task lighting are reading lights. Bedside reading lights attached to headboards or the wall beside the bed can give you soft light to be able to read at night and make your bedroom more comfortable.


Accent Lighting

To make your bedroom feel more moody, you can add accent lighting. This can come in the form of floor or desk lamps for supplemental lighting. Oversized lamps can add a nice artistic flair to the space while providing plenty of extra illumination.

Accent lighting can also come in the form of wall lights positioned in darker areas of the room. Wall lights can be placed in such a way as to eliminate shadows in the room while also adding artistic appeal on their own. This is especially true of wall washing lights.

If you have any unique areas in the room you want to highlight, wall uplighters are a great choice. They shine lighting up the walls, creating more depth.

Bedrooms can have a more whimsical look if you add some fairy lights or strip lights for your accent lighting. They can be placed along the perimeter of the ceiling and walls to create the look.


What Is the Best LED Colour for Bedroom Lighting?

When it comes to bedroom ceiling lighting, LED lights reign supreme. Alongside their long life, energy efficiency and low maintenance, they also offer various colour temperatures to choose from.

Colour temperatures simply refer to the warmth or coolness of any given light. They are represented by units Kelvin. These temperatures rest on a spectrum between 1,000k and 10,000k.

Toward the lower end of the spectrum, warm lights can be found. Conversely, the higher you climb the spectrum, the cooler the lights will be.

In domestic settings, warm white light is generally preferred. For your bedroom ceiling lights, it is a good idea to choose colour temperatures between 2,700k and 3,300k. This will provide clear, bright light that is still warm and gentle on the eyes.

LED colour temperature guide


Bedroom Ceiling Lighting Ideas


  1. LBL708 9 Watt Surface Mounted Downlight

LBL708 9 watt modern surface mounted LED downlight



  1. LBL283 6 Watt Round Modern LED Ceiling Light

LBL283 6 watt round LED bedroom ceiling lights

Spruce up your modern ceiling lighting with the LBL283 6 Watt Round Modern LED Ceiling Light. The fitting has a dramatic appeal with its umbrella shape and available colour options of black, white or cherry red. The 600 lumens of 3000k warm white LED light shine up into the shade to spread even more illumination around. It is fabricated out of high quality steel and aluminium for longevity.


  1.  LSP706 12 Watt Adjustable Ceiling Downlight

LSP706 12 watt surface mounted LED ceiling spotlight



  1. LBL254 20 Watt Hexagonal Surface Mounted LED Downlight

LBL254 20 watt hexagonal LED surface mount ceiling lights

Go bold with your ceiling lighting with the LBL254 20 Watt Hexagonal Surface Mounted LED Downlight. This unique surface mounted light features four attached hexagonal fixtures that artistically create a honeycomb shape. Available in black, white and silver finish options, you can easily match the fitting to your decor. The LED bulbs shine a total of 1600 lumens of 3000k warm white light, making the fitting great for ambient illumination.


  1. CSL022 5 Watt Round Recessed LED Downlight Fitting

CSL022 5 watt round recessed LED spotlights

For lovers of modern minimalism, the CSL022 5 Watt Round Recessed LED Downlight Fitting is for you. This recessed light is round in shape and shows only the ring around the bulb sitting flush with the ceiling. Available in black, chrome, rose gold or white, there is an option for any bedroom decor style. The light shines 430 lumens of gentle 3000k warm white LED light.

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