How to Choose The Best Interior Wall Sconce Lamp

Wall sconce lamp – When it comes to interior wall lighting, there are many options that you can choose from. From simple circular lights to longer bar lights; from spotlight style wall washers to geometric shapes, there is plenty of opportunities for you to not only light up your space but to add a contemporary, personal touch.

How can you use a wall sconce lamp?

Wall sconce lamps can be placed in hallways of hotels that are too dark to be comfortable. They can also be placed in stairwells or corners that are not well lit to extend light to these areas. Placing them on either side of a bed can also add visual appeal to the bedroom as well as supplementary lighting.

What is wall washing interior wall lighting?

Wall washing lights cast a glow behind them back onto the wall, giving it a “washing” effect that many love for its artistic appeal. These lights go one step further in enhancing the appearance of your space due to the added decorative detail.

How To Choose the Best Modern Wall Light Fittings

  • Wall sconces pose as much potential for decoration as they do illumination. Begin by finding interior wall lighting that has an appealing shape. Often, these lights will come in round or square shapes, but they do vary to include cylindrical or sharp geometric shapes as well.
  • WALL WASHING. A wall washing light will shine light behind itself on the wall, usually either up and down or side to side. Some of them will even create a halo-like glow all around the sconce. Decide if you’d like this feature or are more interested in outright illumination than anything else.
  • Alongside the shape, the finish of the interior wall lighting will play a big role in its overall appearance. Usually, a wall scone lamp comes in metallic colours like silver or gold but is also available in black or white finishes. Such neutral hues make it easy for you to work these lights into decor of any colour without clashing.
  • It is recommended that you choose a light that has a 3000k warm white colour temperature. This is due to its ability to seamlessly blend in with lights of other colour types for a more streamlined appearance.
  • To ensure you aren’t constantly having to spend time and money replacing your lights, choose materials that are built to last. Of the options available, it is usually recommended you go for aluminium or steel, as these tend to last the longest.

A wall sconce lamp is a practical, visually interesting style of light. It can bring illumination to the darker areas of your home or hotel that the main light source cannot easily reach, making it a popular interior wall lighting option. Above, we looked at a few ways you could use a wall sconce lamp in your home or hotel. We also provided a quick buying guide that should help you navigate the shopping process more easily.

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