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Wall Light Fittings – Interior wall lights are a great way to provide lighting for various rooms in your home or building. LED wall lights can add interest to your décor while providing need light to the room the light is in.

LED wall lights can be placed at various heights to serve different purposes. Here is a look at some of the various ways interior wall lights are used.

  • Stairways- Some LED wall lights are placed at low level to light up the steps of your staircase to provide safety for people using the stairs after dark. In addition, wall light fittings can be placed higher up on the walls on landings to light up the landings.
  • In Hallways- Wall light fittings look great in longer hallways such as halls in hotels adding to the décor of the hotel while providing more light for the comfort of your guests.LWA240 Interior LED wall light
  • In Bathrooms- Wall lights are often used in both hotel and home bathrooms on either side of a mirror to provide sufficient lighting for users to shave, put on make-up or attend to other personal needs.
  • In Dining Rooms- Sconce type wall light fittings are often used in both home and commercial dining rooms to not only provide light, but to add to the ambiance of the room. In many cases these type of LED wall lights have dimmers so the just the right amount of light can be added to the room. For example you may want lower lighting for a romantic dinner with just you and your companion, and brighter lights for those family dinners.
  • In the Bedroom- Wall light fittings especially designed for reading may also be placed above the bed in a bedroom to provide sufficient light for those people who enjoy reading in bed.

Keep in mind that a number of different wall light fittings for you to choose from depending on where you plan to use the light and the effect you may be trying to create. Wall light fittings may also be designed to provide up lighting, down lighting, or a halo of light and again the type of light you choose will depend on what you want the interior wall light to highlight or whether you want it to offer just general lighting to a specific area.

We here at ultra Beam Lighting LTD have been making LED wall lights to meet every need for over two decades. Our LED wall lights come in ultra modern designs and all are made using the latest LED technology and the highest quality materials.

Our LED wall light fittings are designed to provide you with the light you need and to enhance your décor all for a reasonable price. Our lights are extremely long lasting providing you with 20,000 hours of lights or more and come with a 3 year guarantee. Our LED lights are will also save you money on your energy bill and are extremely low maintenance and well as better for the environment than more traditional lighting.

So if you are looking for high quality Led wall light fittings why not make Ultra Beam Lighting LTD your lighting of choice?

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