How to Give Your Hallway Wow With LED Stair Lights

One of the most popular current trends in indoor lighting is interior step lighting. Also referred to as stair lights, these small recessed lights are ideal for placing in the front of each step or to use as stair case wall lighting.

Stair lights normally serve one of two purposes. They are either used as a dramatic way to show off the architecture of the staircase itself or to provide safety for those people travelling up and down stairs. In many hotels and restaurants stair lights are used to enhance the décor.

Two Ways of Placing Stair Lights

There are basically two ways of placing stair lights for the best effect. Stair case wall lighting is recessed into the wall beside the stairs. In order for these lights to be their most effective you need to be place these lights next to every step or every other steps.

The second way of placing interior step lights is into the front of each step itself. When you place the lights into the front of the steps the light from one step shines down on the step below. This type of lighting is normally used to add a more dramatic touch to your staircase whether that staircase is in your home or business.

Benefits of Using LED Stair Lights

LED stair lights have been increasing in popularity over the last decade due to the many benefits that this type of lighting has to offer. These benefits include:

  • Uses less energy than more traditional lighting options- The fact is that LED lighting uses only a fraction of the energy that is required by more traditional lighting. In fact, in most cases these lights use only between 20% and 50% of the energy of other lighting types. The energy efficiency of LED lighting means less energy goes to waste.
  • Much longer lasting- LED lighting lasts about 20 times longer than more traditional types of lighting meaning that your stair lights can last years before they need to be changed. Since these lights use no light bulbs you won’t be constantly changing bulbs to keep your stair case wall lighting functioning.
  • Less maintenance- Since these lights are so long lasting and don’t require light bubs they need far less maintenance than those traditional lighting options many homes and businesses use. Your time can be better spent than constantly changing light bulbs.
  • Highly affordable- LED interior step lighting is highly affordable. While the initial cost of LED lighting is slightly higher than other lighting options the amount you save on your energy bill and in not having to buy light bulbs actually result in LED lighting costing far less than traditional lighting options. And the more LED lights you have the more money you save.

Modern LED stair lights can improve the overall value of your home or business and take your décor to the next level. However, you do need to keep in mind that LED stair case lighting needs to be wired directly into 240 volt electric main so it is essential that you have a qualified electrician wire these lights for you.

LSL002 1 Watt Recessed Round LED Stair Light

lsl002 1 watt recessed mini LED stair lights

Halo Round 1 Watt Brushed Aluminium Stair Light

lsl004 1 watt recessed LED stair lights

LSL008 1 Watt Square Recessed Step Light

LSL008 1 watt square recessed stair lights

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