How to Make Recessed Wall Light For Stairs An Architectural Lighting Feature

Recessed wall light for stairs – The stairs of a house can be an enigma of what your house presents. That is correct, there is just a lot of beauty that comes with stairs that are decorated in the right essence. Also, stairs is one of those parts of your house that are not used a lot. But they are used frequently in the sense that people are always going upstairs and likewise downstairs. Hence, for turning our house a little modern, recessed wall light for stairs is a viable option. Why? Because all the decorations you put up in your stairways would go to waste if there are no proper lights. Plus, stairways can be very beautiful if you have recessed wall light for stairs.

How To Use Our Recessed Wall Light For Stairs

The slight glow can bring in an elegance which would totally change the way you took the stairs. There are many reasons through which can convince you to consider stair case lights. Below are some of them: 

It is nothing too fancy or flamboyant. These step lights are designed to fit at a low level so that they themselves are barely noticeable. But of course the lights themselves would produce a gentle glow. This would then illuminate each of your steps that you take.

The gentle glow is important because it offers a look that is clean and elegant. Plus, we want to make the focus of the onlooker towards the stair. And not to the lights because then it would just be a distraction. Rest assured, everything that you put around your stairs will look elegant with recessed wall light for stairs.

How to Make LED Step Lighting An Architectural Feature

The best part about recessed wall light for stairs is that it works as an architectural lighting feature. The truth is that these lights will become a part of your house’s architecture. Furthermore, these will increase the overall value of your property as well. Architecture is not just the framework or the style of building. It is also constitutes the enhancement features that can make your house stand out from the rest.

Best Place to Install Stairway Lighting

The ideal place one can install recessed wall light for stairs are actually on the face of steps. Most people prefer this option because these lights then become a part of your staircase. Step lighting is of course one option, however there is another option that works well. One can always install recessed wall light for stairs on the walls that a stair is surrounded by. In this ways you will be able to illuminate the surroundings as well.

They will always be recessed in the wall or the face of the stairs. So, that you do not trip unto them. Also, one should take into account that these are always meant to be used in more than one quantity. A single recessed wall light for stairs will simply not work due to the less light. We suggest installing multiple quantities of these lights.

LSL008 1 Watt Acrylic Square LED Stair Lights

LSL008 1 watt acrylic recessed Interior LED wall light

LSL008A 1 Watt LED Recessed LED Stair Lights

LSL008A Square 1 Watt Recessed LED Wall Light

Halo Square 1 Watt Recessed LED Stair Light

lsl003 1 watt recessed wall lights for stairs


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