Why Recessed Step Lights Are a Great Idea For a Stairway

LED lights stand as the current obsession for many people these days. Recessed step lights are being used commonly these days. Over the years, the idea of having step lights has completely replaced the old system of lighting. People used to prefer only wall lighting in the beginning, but step lighting has introduced many creative ideas for making the staircase look great.

Why Choose LED Recessed Step Lights?

The reasons are obvious. Recessed step lights offer many advantages as compared to conventional tube lights and bulbs. Not convinced? Take a look at some of the most interesting features of step lights:

  • Unique Designs- Recessed step lights have their own unique designs and the ideas have not been taken from anywhere else.
  • Suitable for homes- Recessed step lights are the best pieces of lighting for you to install in your very own home.
  • Ideal for decoration- Step lighting is a new form of decoration which has impressed many people over the years. Stair case lights have to be handled with care during installation.
  • Economical and reliable- Recessed step lights are economical and have a fairly long life as compared to normal bulbs.
  • Semi trip feature- These lights recess in the wall quiet well, so you will not have to trip them manually.
  • Energy efficient- Step lights consume less energy and give out less heat too.

Why Does Your Home Need Step Lighting?

Stair case lights are being used very often for the embellishment of lavish houses and large properties. Decorating the staircase was not much common a decade ago as much as it is today. Step lighting surely uplifts the look of the house and makes the place more jazzed up. Step lights however will need to be installed by an expert and a qualified electrician because of their sensitivity.

The normal electricians are not qualified to handle such sensitive fixture which is why an expert will be needed to do the job. Recessed step lights actually need to be in crested in the walls of the house, which is why some drilling needs to be done as well. If a normal electrician is hired for this job, then he might even break the sensitive lighting fixtures.

How much is too much?

Well, this all depends on the size of your house or whatever property you are trying to decorate. LED lights are very different from normal lights. They are small in size but give out much light when compared to others. Currently, the step lights which are being designed have capacity for many LED’s to get in crested in a single light for better results.

Step lights can be used not just for stair cases but also for the front entrances of the house and backyard. They can be installed in accordance with the suggested number by an expert. They come in all shapes, designs and colours. If you are installing step lights for the stair case then try to go for bright colours as they seem to be more vibrant and lively.

LSL008A 1 Watt LED Square Recessed Step Lights

LSL008A Square 1 Watt Recessed LED Wall Light

LSL001 1 Watt LED Square Recessed Step Lights

lsl001 recessed LED wall light

LSL008 1 Watt Square Recessed LED Step Light

LSL008 1 watt square LED recessed step lights


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