How Recessed Stair Lighting Makes a Beautiful Sculptural Lighting Feature

Recessed Stair Lighting – Your staircase may well be the most sculptural feature of your home. However, your staircase is not simply part of your home’s décor, it is also a functional part of your home connecting one floor of your home to another. Like your staircase, recessed stair lighting is both functional and decorative.

Recessed stair lighting is functional because it makes it safer to go up and down stairs especially in the evening or when the stairs are located in darker parts of your home. They can also be decorative since they add a wow factor to your staircase.

What Are The Best Recessed Stair Lighting Fittings?

There are several different options for you to choose from when you are looking for stair lights. There are wall mounted stair lights that are mounted low on the wall recessed into the wall where they can cast a soft glow over the the stair treads. Wall mounted recessed stair lighting should be placed no further apart than across from every other step of the stairs.

Stair tread lighting are lights that normally recessed into the front of a step to shed light onto the step below.

Recessed stair lighting is placed that so that it is semi flushed so that it won’t provide a tripping hazard for people going up and the down the stairs.

Do You Mount Stair lights on the Walls or Risers?

Whether you choose wall mounted stair lights or stair tread lighting will depend on a number of different things including:

  • Whether or not your staircase has a runner. If your staircase has a runner running the length of the stairs wall lighting is the best option since the front of the step is covered by the runner.
  • Open fronted stairs- If you have open fronted stairs then either wall mount recessed stair lighting or stairwell lighting mounted under the step is the best option since there is little space to place a recessed light on the front of a step.
  • If your steps are boxed steps or have an enclosed front then stair tread lighting may well be an excellent choice.

You do need to consider that in order to provide safety and create the decorative look you would like you need to use several stair lights placed at strategic intervals in order to create the right lighting effect. Do keep in mind that whatever style of recessed stair lighting you choose your lighting should be installed by qualified technician.

Ultra Beam lighting has a variety of recessed stair lights for you choose from. All of our lights are of the highest quality and designed by our lighting company. We use the latest LED technology in all of our stairwell lighting so that we can provide you with the longest lasting stair lights to be found anywhere. Our lights are long-lasting and can provide you 20,000 hours of light per bulb.

If you are looking for high quality recessed stair lighting then why take a few minutes to browse our website or give us a call at 0800-678-5156.

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