Metal Wall Lights – Modern Interior Lighting

Metal wall lights can provide your home with durable and modern lighting for a reasonable cost. Metal wall lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles as well as various wattages.

Wall Light Fittings As Part of Your Decor

When choosing inside wall lights keep in mind that your wall light fittings become part of your home’s or business’s décor. Choosing metal wall lights that match and add to your building’s décor is important to the style and mood you are looking to create in each and every room of your home. If you have modern home or business décor then choosing brushed aluminum metal wall lights can really make your décor shine.

Metal wall lights come in various shapes, sizes and styles and can serve a number of lighting purposes including:

  • Stairway Lighting- small low wattage metal wall lights can be placed at a low level beside on on the front of your stairs to show off the architectural form of your staircase and to provide safety for people walking up and down your stairs.LWA284-1 6 watt interior led wall light
  • As Accent Lighting- Small low wattage metal wall lights can also serve as accent lighting for small statutes sitting in alcoves or other recessed area in the wall.
  • Lighting for Landings or Hallways- Metal wall lights make excellent lighting choices for stair landings or hallways that need a bit more light to brighten them up. Choosing the right inside wall light and placing it properly at the right height can really brighten up those dark corridors.
  • Part of a Layer Lighting Scheme- Metal wall lights also work well as part of a layer lighting scheme to create the right atmosphere for your living room or dining room.

Metal wall lights can provide up lighting, down lighting or general lighting from all four directions of the light depending on your need and your individual taste.

LED Wall Lights

LED wall lights are the perfect way to modernize your lighting and your overall décor, Not only is LED lighting modern, but it offers many benefits over more traditional incandescent or other types of traditional lighting. These benefits include:

  • Brighter lighting- LED lights are brighter than more traditional types of lights which mean you need fewer lights to light up the same amount of space while at the same time saving on your energy bill.
  • Long-lasting- LED lights are extremely long lasting once your have your lights installed by a qualified electrician you can pretty much forget about them except for the occasional dusting. With these lights providing 20,000 hours of light, when used normally you don’t have to worry about these lights for three years or more.
  • Environmentally Safer- LED metal wall lights are safer for the environment than traditional lighting options. Not only do these lights use less energy reducing the strain on non-renewable energy sources, they are also 100% recyclable.

If you are looking for high quality metal wall lights then visit our website at Ultra Beam Lighting LTD and speak to our online representative or give us a call at 0800-678-5156.

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