Long Wall Lights – How To Beautifully Wash Interior Walls With Light

When most people thing of interior wall lighting, they most often think of those wall mounted style lamps that people use for reading or those electric wall sconces used for both general lighting and décor purposes. However, some homes and businesses also includes long wall lights among their indoor lighting for a variety of purposes.

What Types of Long Wall Lights Are Available

This type of interior lighting is also called wall washer lights because the wider beam of the light washes a large section of the wall. While the light from some long wall lights is focused downwards other lights wash the wall both up and down.

Long wall lights are used to show off art work. When used for displayed art, these lights are usually placed over the painting or even a tapestry to draw attention to the work. Long wall lighting is also used to show off special features of a wall as well to give a smaller room a larger more spacious look.

Long wall lighting can also be used over desks, mirrors, beds and even shelves. In addition, these lights can be used in homes, businesses, and even to display art in a store and many other businesses as well.

LED Long Wall Lights

If you are planning on using Long lighting over art work then LED long lights are your best choice since these lights do not give off UV rays like more traditional types of lighting do. UV rays can ruin art work so you don’t want any light that gives off UV rays shining down on expensive works of art.

Main Benefits of LED Interior Lighting

There are other benefits of LED interior lighting that is worth considering when you are looking for long wall lights. These benefits include:

  • LED lighting is energy efficient with the most of the power used for this light going directly to the light. LED lights are around 80% more efficient than more traditional types of lighting.
  • LED lighting is extremely long lasting. These lights last about 6 times longer than other types of lighting. This means you won’t spend nearly as much time changing lights as you do with more traditional lighting options.
  • LED interior lighting requires very little maintenance. With no light bulbs to change dusting off your light is really all the maintenance you need to do.
  • LED long wall lights contain no filaments so they don’t burn out like other lights do. In fact, LED lights simply grow dimmer and dimmer over time so you plenty of warning that your light needs to be changed.
  • LED long wall lights causes less harm to the environment. These lights do not give off excess heat so they won’t add to global warming and they are 100% recyclable.

LED interior lighting needs to be hard wired directly into your 240 volt electric main. It is recommended that installation of these lights be completed by a qualified licensed electrician to protect your safety and your buildings safety as well.

Leon 12 Watt Brushed Aluminium Wall Light

LWA150 12 watt brushed aluminium long wall lights

LWA466 6 Watt Gold and Black Interior Wall Light

LWA466 6 watt gold and black interior wall light long wall lights

LWA243 10 Watt Black Interior LED Wall Light

LWA243 10 watt black interior wall light long wall lights

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