How Lights For Stairs Make an Attractive Feature

Do you own a hotel or other business with a beautiful stair case that you want to show off to it’s best advantage? Are you looking for dramatic and beautiful lighting for your home? If so, then you may want to consider some lights for stairs. Staircase lighting is a great way to show off the beautiful architecture of a well built staircase, add a touch of drama to your business or home, and provide additional safety for stairways that tend to be dark.

What Types of Lights For Stairs Are Available

Recessed step lights are safe, attractive and highly affordable. Best of all you LED lights for stairs are flexible because you can mount them in the wall next to individual steps or mount them right into the steps themselves.

LED stair tread lights

In most cases, LED stair tread lights are not actually installed in the tread itself, but are installed under the tread (front surface) of the step and lights the step below the light. In staircases with wider steps tow or three Recessed step lights may be used or some places use a light strip for wider stairs.

However, not all lighted staircases have recessed step lights embedded in the front of the stairs, some staircases have these small LED lights recessed into the wall directly across from the step they are meant to light. Where you place your LED lights for stairs are completely up to you.

Why Choose LED Lights for Stairs?

You may be wondering why people choose LED lights for stairs. The major reason is simple convenience. Since recessed step lights are always placed at low levels changing a light bulb every few weeks or month or two could become a real hassle, since you would need to be lay on the ground to remove the light bulb and insert a new one. Since these lights are on or beside stair steps this means you would have to kneel on step and then stretch your body over several other steps in order to reach the light. A position that most people would find uncomfortable.

Since LED lights don’t use light bulbs and can last for years before they need to be changed, these lights reduce the hassle of constantly needing to change light bulbs.

In addition, unlike traditional light bulbs that may work one time and then all of a sudden blow out, LED lighting gives you ample warning they need to be changed since these lights grow dimmer and dimmer over time so you know that need to be changed before your stair is left totally in the dark.

LED lighting is also energy efficient costing less to operate than traditional lighting options because they need less power to run. They are also, as all ready mentioned long lasting and very low maintenance as well as environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

LED stair lights do need to be hard wired directly into your 240 electric main so be sure to have a licensed professional electrician install your LED stair light for you.

Halo Round 1 Watt Recessed Step Light

lsl004 1 watt round recessed lights for stairs

LSL001 1 Watt Square Recessed Step Light

lsl001 1 watt square recessed LED lights for stairs

LSL009A 1 Watt Round LED Step Lights

LSL009A round 1 watt LED lights for stairs

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