LED Wall Uplighters

Interior lighting comes in all styles, shapes and sizes and may be used for many different purposes. Take for example LED wall uplighters, These lights can help add light to any room of your home or business and can also be used to add a touch of drama that other types of lighting simply can’t imitate.

What Are LED Wall Uplighters?

Wall uplighters are lights that use an LED (Light emitting diodes) rather than more traditional lighting options and that hang on the wall and direct the beam of the light upwards towards the ceiling. These lights are often use to help provide all round lightness to a darker room, show off displays, or to light stairway landings without causing any glare. Here are just a few examples of this type of wall lighting may be used.lwa 134 Interior LED wall light

Interior Uplighting In Hallways

Hotels and other business may use uplighting to light up long hallways in order to provide not glaring lights that allows guest to see where they are going without having the light shine directly into their eyes. These lights are especially true when there is ceiling art work so that the eye may be drawn up to a beautiful mural painted on the ceiling. One or two of this type of light may also be used in the hallways of home to provide lighting, add drama or show off family photos.

Make Plants Stand Out

Many homes as well business such as medical centres tend to have a plant wall or at least a group of plants to help aid in their overall décor as well as work as calming influence. Placing uplights behind plants gives the plants a glow that really makes them stand out.

Stairway Landings

Uplights may be set in stairway landing to provide safety in a way that is less glaring than other types of lighting since the beam of the light shines upward on the wall lighting a fairly large area with just one small light.

Why LED Uplighters?

LED uplighters are becoming more and more popular due to the benefits they offer to both homes and businesses. Some of these benefits include:

  • Energy Efficient- These lights are incredibly energy efficient using only about 20% to 50% of what more traditional lighting uses. This means that these lights can be used in a very large hotel or business and save the business money on energy costs.
  • Long-Lasting- LED interior lighting is also long-lasting with these lights lasting 20,000, 50,000, 70,000 hours or more depending on the individual light and the company that manufacturers the light.
  • Ultra Modern- Since LED lighting uses the latest in LED technology, these lights are not only ultra modern in design, but in how they function as well.
  • Environmentally Friendly- These lights are environmentally friendly both because of the energy they save and because they are 100% recyclable.

LED lights get hard wired right into electric main, so keep in mind that installation of these lights should be done by a licensed professional electrician.

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